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Alan H. has spent the over 10 years working in the information technology and customer service fields.

His work as an information technology professional included working on multiple IT deployment projects. These projects included the installation of servers, workstations, and software upgrade. In addition, he also performed hardware and software support over the phone for end users. To further his advancement in the IT profession, Alan also earned his earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

In regard to his work as a customer service specialist, Alan provided support to the customers of one of the largest wireless provider in the United States. His support included the areas of explaining and resolving billing issues and service plans, and technical support for mobile internet access and text messaging.


His specialties in information security cover the areas of research, policies and procedures, disaster recovery and business continuity, risk management and IT security governance. These specialties were required for him to earn a master of science degree in information security and assurance.

Also, based upon his experience in the customer service field, Alan know the steps to take to ensure customer satisfaction, retaining customers, and gaining customers. In addition, Alan is knowledgeable in improving the performance of customer service representatives that results in decreased hiring costs and less turnover of employees.

Then, too, Alan H. has taught a weekly class for over 10 years. Based upon his experience, he knows how to engage students and help them learn new concepts. In addition, he knows the methods to reinforce previously learned concepts.


Developing policies and procedures, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, risk management, service level agreements, and IT security governance.

Writing customer service manuals, policies, and procedures.

Creating training guides, policies, procedures, and manuals


Western Governors University

Alan H. demonstrated diligence and perseverance by returning back to college as a non-traditional student. In the face of setbacks and disappointment, he remained focused on his goal of graduating from college.

Through his hard work and dedication, he realized his goal of earning a four-year college degree.

Western Governors University

Alan H. successfully completed the rigorous graduate information security program where the coursework met the requirements 10 domains that encompass the foundation of the CISSP certification.

The courses he passed included risk management, disaster recovery planning, project management, ethical hacking, computer forensics, hacking countermeasures and techniques, and security policies and standards.

He also earned the Certified Ethical Hacker and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certifications.


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Alan H. worked for a leader in the hospitality industry. As an employee, he learned the importance of guest satisfaction and working as a team.

Due to his performance, he was placed in charge of making sure that food operations ran smooth during a leading sporting event.

Not only is he familiar with the back of the house but also what is required to smoothly run the front of the house.


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Alan has spent several years in the customer service field. He knows how to resolve customers' issues on the first call, provide instructions over the phones, explain billing issues, and increase customer satisfaction.

Based upon his real world experience, Alan has the knowledge to develop training manuals and procedures for organizations that want to improve customer relations that will give them a edge over the competition.


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Alan H. has earned an undergraduate and graduate degree in the technology field. Coursework included network security, project management, ethical hacking, and disaster recovery.

Other classes he successfully completed are security policies and procedures, cyber law, and emerging technologies


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As a key requirement to demonstrate competency in the his graduate degree program in the area of Information Security and Assurance, Alan H. had to make an oral presentation. This presentation showed that he had acquired the skills and knowledge to successfully complete the master of science program.

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