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Will research and write on just about any topic and in a variety of formats. Have written long form narratives, focused special reports, press releases, blogs on topics ranging from insurance to chiropractic and sports wear, heating and cooling, automotive and real estate. Am also an adept interviewer and thorough researcher.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Researched and wrote weekly blog posts for 2 clients as a sales tool for insurance agencies. Each blog post was unique in that it also used real-life examples to reach the audience.

Home Living

Wrote unique blog postings for a client in the HVAC and fireplace business. Topics ranged from winterizing air conditioning to the dangers of vent-free chimneys and furnace maintenance.


Wrote blog posts in exchange for services. This blog was about the experience of taking scuba diving lessons. The dive-master used it not only as a way to demonstrate the fun of the sport, but as a marketing tool for her business.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Occasionally write press releases for local nonprofits and others. This press release was written from resources given by the organization, however many are written based on interviews. This prompted an interview with the director and was published both on the web and broadcast.

Radio Spot

Broadcast news copy is written for both audio and news website. Audio recordings of news and interviews are aired as written.


Write articles for newspaper, magazines and websites. This article was written as a special report to be published in multiple national magazines.

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