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Joseph has successful experience in writing Copy, SEO, Ad-fill and Blogging for Consumer Products and Services.

Joseph has a blog site where he has posted extensively on Homeland Security, Counter-Terrorism, Emergency Services, Politics and Current Events.

He's also posted Articles on LinkedIn on these same Topics, as well as a focus on Human and Community Services, Non-profit Agency Management, Grant/Proposal Writing and Management, and Public Policy.
Joe also has a Facebook Page where he's been able to write about these Topics, as well as Sports, Music, and Social Activities.


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Joseph has written paid-blogs for several sites which were received favorably by customers, and published with confidence.

Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


During the course of at least 10 Years of a Healthcare Career that has spanned the spectrum from Emergency Medical Services, including 4 Years as an Ambulance Squad E.M.T., 3 Years as a Hospital Emergency Room Medical Tech., then Hospital Admissions Rep., progressing into Mental Health and Addiction Services, Joseph's work extensively involved Paid Documentation of Assessment, Informed Observation and Recommendations, as well as production of Treatment/Service Plans.
His experience is not just limited to written Plans for individuals in distress, but as an Advocate, Manager, and Administrator for Treatment Services, has designed, proposed, presented and administered operation of specified Service Programs including the production of necessary documentation inherent in such work.

Non Profit

As Agency Director, Joseph W. was responsible for writing Grant Funding Proposals, State, and County Compliance Reports as well as Inter-Agency Memorandums of Understanding and Service Contracts, including Descriptions of Services, Agency Service Provision Commitments, Staffing, Budgeting, and Liability provisions.
Included in this work were Service Provision Presentations and supportive program literature for Service Recipients, Service Provider Agencies, and Funders for Community Mental Health and Addiction Services.
This work also involved Program Services design and development, proposal, Grant Funding Proposals, descriptive and supportive literature, for new and innovative Community Services, as well as additional Reports as needed.


Joseph has written paid-blogs for several sites which were received favorably by customers, and published with confidence.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Annual Report

As Founding Agency Director, produced and presented Initial as well as Second Annual Report for Community Services, start-up Non-Profit Agency for Board of Directors, Funders, and Public. Annual Agency Report was required by, and required to, meet IRS (501c3), NY State (State Dept.,Office of Mental Health), Broome County,NY (Contract Compliance/Community Services), and Board Requirements.
The Initial as well as subsequent Annual Reports gave a general outline, and also meet detailed, specific requirements reporting mandated by Federal, State, and Local Regulations for a NY State Regulated Non-Profit Community Services Agency. These Reports, produced and presented primarily by Joseph W. as Agency Director, also met the requirements of the Board of Directors and associated Contract Agencies, and outlined for public dissemination, a description of Services provided by the Broome Recipient Affairs Office Inc.

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