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Eileen has written several short stories and blogs. Writing is her passion, and she is seeking to expand her writing capabilities by helping others build their network of clients/clientele. Her writing includes profiles, newsletters, formal research, manuals, reports, and short stories. She has written and edited several manuscripts and reports for different organizations and companies. By sharing and/or editing various information we gain insight into possibilities. She has experience and valuable research knowledge to share, and employ for insight into the wonderful world of service to others.

Eileen's work experience is top notch. Eileen has worked many years in varying industries, and although not paid per project, she completed her ventures timely and successfully. This resume of writing experience , while not including paid projects, does include many varieties of writing and writing styles. Her salary, professional opportunities, and experience clearly shows her writing abilities.


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Industry Projects

  • Insurance50+
  • Medical10+
  • Education6
  • Marketing2
  • Finance1

Summary of Industry Experience


Eileen had the opportunity to write and research marketing materials for agents in various regions. This included Department of Insurance information and research for changes in laws and regulations.
Special recognition was awarded for work completed on major country wide manuals. These manuals contained procedures for administrative personnel. Eileen's work was shared country wide due to the amount of information employees received effortlessly without compromising time. Recognition for the work included acceptance of an award during a special ceremony for employees servicing the company.
In addition, she also edited and wrote newsletters on a regional level in varying regions for statewide agents. The newsletters were completed bi-weekly which included news, events, DOI (Department of Insurance) information on new laws and regulations, and top agents for the month.


Eileen used her Excel capabilities for expense analysis in an important part of the medical industry. Organization of expenditures was necessary for the consistent use of budgets and analytical research. Meetings were a constant opportunity to put agendas together and research for organizational behavior. Another responsibility she had was supporting top personnel. Her tasks included writing documents, meeting assignments, newsletters and research for new developments and procedures.

Eileen has also written to articles related to dentistry and flossing. Flossing is an important part of maintaining tooth healthiness and sometimes not using inexpensive flossing tape can help maintain the health of your teeth.


While working in a financial position, Eileen was able to research various entrepreneurial positions within the Christian sector. She had the ability to learn a variety of software programs for both Microsoft and Apple. Her research varied from information on populations within certain religious sects to information on the best management styles for teams of individuals.

Eileen did research in the restoration field of education, creating a data base for growth and manufacturing needs. She was also able to assist educational leaders with paperwork and resources. In addition, Eileen also did product analysis of competitors and was inspirational in changing business methods used.


Eileen has worked on several marketing articles throughout her tenure; however, she was recently requested to write an article for marketing plans and the differences between them with different states. This challenge shows that, depending on the state, the laws are different. Marketing requires the use of many links and the information on marketing in many different states.


Eileen had the opportunity to write on the costs of workers' compensation costs. Writing is a God Given Talent that she possesses. Eileen has the ability to research on the internet and find information that points to what the employer wants with the twist she gives it. Everything is verified on the research. As marketing tools she did use hyperlinks to prove her case.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is compulsory in the United States and its territories. Laws vary from state to state, so check state specific workers’ compensation insurance regulations at NFIB. Insurance does not require quintessential knowledge.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required, working to ensure injuries are taken care of properly, while protecting your business from disaster.

Required rules/regulations differ from state to state. Workers’ compensation insurance varies from state to state. Monopolistic funds draw employers’ insurance from mandatory state funds and qualified self-insurers. Competitive funds are state-owned, state specific, and compete with commercial insurers.
With workers’ compensation injuries are taken care of properly. Accidents occur, no matter what the safety program is
Financial burdens are minimized with the right coverages. Take charge, and contact us to find out more about how our best practices can benefit you TODAY!

Product Projects

  • Blog Post4
  • Web Page1
  • Mobile Content0

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Eileen blogs often about servants. She put a blog out to the Good News Network on an employee that helped her during her time of need. This individual did many things that Eileen thought were impossible. In fact, she kept up with her for a couple of years and came to her aid on questions. Eileen appreciates opportunities to help others and she felt that she was very helpful to her.

Web Page

She believed her story could inspire people in the world and decided to create a blog. For a brief time she pursued her writing though this; but raising grandchildren was hard work. The blog was inspiration for the next part in her journey, and God had plans. She pursued life as laid out for her, and she left behind her life of disappointment for a life filled with everlasting life. Being a servant of God, abiding by His plan, meant keeping up with the Joneses was not as important as doing what was right. All in all life changed, and grandfamily life became more important than anything money could buy.

Mobile Content

Sharing has always been in Eileen's nature and the church sermon was important. She enjoyed writing and writing for a reason became a season to share. God's words are exceptional and belief inspires her. She became a teacher following a God given path. Faith in Christ gave her wisdom in what to say, do and value. Due to life circumstances, Eileen was in a position raising my grandchildren for six years. She delighted in the camaraderie of children and enjoy working in service to Christ. Her Savior guides her life. A life not originally choosen on this path, but thanks to God, she has opportunities that are conducive to spiritual gifts. Her experiences in during this phase in life helped her share in her adventures on the web.

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