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Melanie graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts in English, specializing in Creative Writing. While at school she wrote several print columns and online content for The Original, an on-campus magazine.

After school, Melanie began work freelancing as a content writer and ghostwriter for several clients with past jobs including: product descriptions, SEO articles, website pages, nonfiction ghostwriting (memoirs and how-to books), fiction writing (Amish fiction), niche topic blog post writing, and many others. She's had several repeat clients and worked with some for close to a year on several projects.


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Melanie's work in entertainment writing as been extensive and something she's worked on since graduating from school. She's written on topics from film to books to music to television. She enjoys the engaging voice of entertainment pieces and is highly skilled in crafting journalistic articles in the topic.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Melanie's work in articles have been extensive and is often what she enjoys returning back to if given the option. She has several years experience crafting articles across topic genres, for various clients.

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