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Alex is a Talent Sourcing specialist who focuses on identifying executive level talent and supporting client Talent Acquisition strategies. He obtained a Bachelor's Degree from West Chester University in Political Science where he gained significant experience writing, editing, and proofreading research projects.

Additionally, in his current role, he manages web content for two businesses, as well as writing a weekly blog for the company. He has experience editing and writing proposals, contracts, SLAs, press releases, whitepapers, and print marketing materials.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Alex has been responsible for writing a weekly blog in his current role for over three years. Recently, he has taken over Blog Management for the entire company, including two separate business lines. He is also the lead editor and proofreader of print and web marketing materials, proposals, Service Level Agreements, and press releases.


Alex has over two year experience working with Pharmaceutical and Biotech clients. He has supported client interests, market research, and talent mapping projects. Specifically, he conducts the research for his client and formats it into a document which included the information in an organized, efficient, and helpful manner for the customer.


In his current role, Alex is part of the marketing team, developing and publishing web and print material to promote company services and products to the national market. As part of that responsibility, Alex has created marketing plans, promotional material, and innovated new ways to catch the attention of potential buyers.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Alex has been writing a blog series in his current role for over three years. He also manages blog content and posting for two business lines, and it constantly researching the newest and most efficient ways to market web content. His writing style is informational, writing from the view of an expert, and hopes to inspire industry professionals to try new methods and think outside the box of traditional recruiting.

Press Release

Alex published the last press release for his company last year as the organization launched a new product to the market. He was an integral part of the developing the new product from conception to launch, and therefore was a great person to develop the press release.

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