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Do you need a captivating business story told; one that will engage your readers and bring your brand to life? If so, this profile is right where you need to be. Whether you are a major corporation running multiple locations, or a one man show working out of your garage, Stephanie M can help you reach your customers and find new ones. It’s what she does.

And she’s good at it.

Stephanie works with businesses to create web content that leaps off the page (or screen) to inform, educate, and engage, leading to social sharing, conversion, and return visits. She does it all: blog posts, articles, social media management, website content, press releases – you get the idea.

While the topics she writes on are broad and diverse, her primary focus tends to be in health & wellness, elder care & geriatric health, legal, and business marketing (including SEO articles). Other industries she works with regularly include: disaster (prep, recovery, response), food, pest control, real estate, education, career, lifestyle, and pets.

Her work as an analyst/disaster response specialist with FEMA in Washington, D.C. gave her a unique insight into disaster prep, response, and recovery. She helped individuals and businesses recovering from major disasters (including hurricanes Katrina and Sandy), as well as provided educational material for disaster prep.

When she left the agency, she used what she learned in the disaster arena to help businesses thrive and survive. There are many lessons to be learned there.

If you're looking for in depth, well researched articles, Stephanie is definitely your girl. She’s written research heavy pieces for many clients including American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, Wisconsin Urgent Care, Axon Optics, and Health Plan Senior.

She’s also worked with Polaroid, Home Depot, Apartment Therapy, MapQuest, AT&T, Valpak, CityPages, and

Let Stephanie M. bring your brand to life.
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Stephanie's specialties include health and wellness, legal, relationships, business, marketing, food, pets, and education.

She is adept at many different forms of writing, such as web content writing, blog posts, technical documents, legal research and writing, training material, end-user manuals, handbooks, articles, press releases, brochures, and promotional content.

Her experience as an emergency response professional for the federal government in Washington, DC has made her an expert in disaster response and recovery including crisis communication plans, emergency response, reputation repair, social media management in a crisis, press releases, crisis team SOP, emergency policies and procedures, and more.

She is also a professional researcher and photographer


Stephanie's interests are vast and varied, including:
* Marketing
* Digital Marketing and SMS Marketing
* Government
* Neuroscience
* Legal
* Health and Wellness
* Dieting, Clean Eating, Healthy Eating
* Financial Management (budgeting, debt management, etc.)
* Travel
* Real Estate
* Relationships
* Parenting
* Biology
* Marketing
* Pet Care and Training
* Cooking and Recipes


Rocky Mountain College

Captain Collegiate Debate Team
TA for Collegiate Speech and Debate Class
Non-Traditional Student Senator for Student Council
Speech and Debate Coach for High School Team (intern)


968 Projects Completed

Stephanie is a serious student of natural and alternative medicine, including herbalism. She has an innate understanding of herbal remedies and natural healing. She is able to explain the techniques of herbal remedies as well as how natural medicine works to heal the body.

A prolific writer on natural healing, healing with food and alternative medicine, Stephanie has written extensively on herbal remedies, first aid, health, preventative health measures and nutrition therapy.

She has also written educational pieces on high blood pressure, heart disease, heart health, stroke, degenerative disc disease, respiratory conditions, asthma, back problems, gout, headaches, migraines, seizures and other physical ailments.

Real Estate

903 Projects Completed

Stephanie is a regular contributor for several real estate websites where she writes newsletter articles, blog posts, white papers and editorials for the real estate industry. She also writes website content for real estate and property management websites.

Some of her projects are geared to the real estate professional while others target the home owner. Topics include but are not limited to RE networking, RE photography, preparing your home to sell, sprucing up your curb appeal, real estate market projections in specific areas and many more.

She is a real estate photographer and shoots both the interior and exterior of properties so that they may be displayed on web sites and in printed material. She is well acquainted with the ins and outs of the industry.


847 Projects Completed

Stephanie has used her expertise in marketing, advertising and network marketing to pen hundreds of invaluable articles, blog posts and ebooks on many different topics that fall under the umbrella of marketing. These topics include advertising, small business advertising, market research, data analysis, marketing strategies, free marketing ideas, SEO, articles marketing, developing a marketing plan, network marketing, reviews of network marketing companies, direct sales, legal issues with marketing and network marketing, taxes and much more.


672 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written more than 450 news articles, reviews, blog posts and Social Media posts regarding the automotive industry.

She has written a great deal on the history of muscle cars like the Mustang, Cobra and Barracuda. She is also a regular reviewer on several automotive websites.


638 Projects Completed

Stephanie has taught at all levels from elementary school to college. Her teaching appointments included teaching mainstream middle school and high school children as well as special education and special needs children of all grade levels.

She taught several communications and public speaking courses at the college level for MSU Billings. She was also a collegiate tutor and academic counselor for Rocky Mountain College.

Under these appointments she was responsible for writing instructional texts, lesson plans, lesson and activity ideas, study guides and exams.

Her work writing promotional and recruitment material for colleges and universities as well as federal government education programs reflects her experience in the academic environment and speaks to the student, drawing them in, arousing their interest and encouraging them to take the next steps to engage in the course or program..

She regularly contributes to several education publications and websites as well as parenting sites. Additionally, she homeschooled her own children and has contributed to several homeschool websites and blogs.


611 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written numerous articles and blog posts on business including finances, business practices, management, team building, business coaching, business signage, advertising, mentoring, marketing, security, image counseling, branding, small business, resources for small business and many other topics. Her writing has appeared on blogs, in newspapers, on websites and in handbooks for professionals.

She has also written policy for businesses, employee handbooks and standard operating procedures (SOP) manuals.


586 Projects Completed

Transportation is a diverse and fascinating industry from trucking to freight to DOT regulations. Stephanie's experience with over-the-road trucking and brokering has equipped her with the knowledge necessary to handle any transportation topic.

Her vast store of research material on the transportation industry as well as access to POCs at the United States Department of Transportation, allows her to deliver articles, blog posts and white papers that are thorough and concise with high quality content.


550 Projects Completed

Stephanie's experience in the construction industry comes from her involvement with FEMA as well as with several non-profit organizations helping individuals and businesses recover from disasters.

She has hands on experience with flood damage clean up and mitigation, wind damage, inspections of affected structures and damage assessments.

She has also assisted with demolition, repair and rebuilding of structures including homes and commercial buildings. She has a strong focus on safety and has a solid understanding of OSHA requirements as well as federal regulations and federal recommendations for mitigation of properties.


544 Projects Completed

As a former professional model for Christian Dior furs, Stephanie has walked the catwalk and done her time in front of the camera. Her experience as a professional high fashion photographer put her directly in contact with fashion models who needed to look their best.

This experience gave Stephanie invaluable experience in haircare, skin care and make up. She knows that helpful tricks and tips that the high fashion models use and she loves to share them!

Stephanie believes that EVERY woman is beautiful.

Home Living

541 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written many blog posts, articles and editorials on home living in high profile publications including The Spruce and Apartment Therapy.

Her area of expertise include tiny space living, DIY projects for remodel and repair, organization, downsizing, family finances, frugal living, how to create a budget, thrifty meals, couponing, household pests and pest control. However, she has also written about feng shui, organizing your move, hiring movers, home office, packing, choosing flooring in your home, and lawn care.

She currently lives in a tiny home and is an expert in downsizing and organizing tiny spaces.
She and her husband owned and operated a pest control business for several years and they currently flip houses.


537 Projects Completed

Stephanie has been a contributing writer for and well as various parenting pieces on blogs and web sites. She specializes in tweens and teens.

She authored the book "7 Steps to a Godly Marriage" and has written many articles and editorials relating to a Christian marriage. She also writes the blog Living a Godly Marriage.

She has written numerous parenting articles and guest blog posts on a variety of parenting topics.


532 Projects Completed

Formerly a gym manager and trainer, Stephanie has both the expertise and writing ability to effectively convey fitness related information to readers of all fitness levels. She has written a book on diet and exercise that has garnered a great deal of attention and was converted to an online course.

Topics Stephanie has written on include exercise, cardio, weights, endurance, reason for exercise, supplements, determining caloric intake, finding carb, protein and fat requirements and recipes for low carb, low fat, etc.


531 Projects Completed

Stephanie's experience with home budgets and counseling others on how to get out of debt (particularly after divorce) has given her a solid background in writing for the financial industry. She has written more than 500 articles, ebooks and blog posts on debt elimination, credit card management, marriage finance, divorce/separation finances, debt reduction, personal finances, budgeting, stocks, investing, forex and banking. Her work has been featured on several financial websites and numerous financial blogs. She writes about personal finances as well as corporate and small business.


530 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written and published her own cookbook and has ghostwritten several others, her most recent was about holiday cooking. In addition to books and ebooks, she has written many articles and blog posts on food preparation, cooking, menu planning, shopping, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, food storage, cooking techniques, home brew, organic foods, raw eating, clean eating, wine, fermenting foods, juicing and shopping.

She creates original recipes for healthy eating, desserts and other dishes and is a recipe tester for several sites.
She is an expert in frugal living and family budgeting, particularly when it comes to the family food budget. She created the Thrifty Vittles blog to help families eat healthy on a budget.


521 Projects Completed

Stephanie is a very prolific entertainment writer and has contributed to numerous entertainment blogs, newsletters, celebrity websites and panels.
Her focus is primarily in celebrities, celebrity couples/children, motion pictures, TV shows and classic TV.
She is also well versed in theatre, musicals and opera, both current and classic.


520 Projects Completed

As a Political Science major and former Program Management Analyst for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Stephanie has worked with Federal, State and Local governments in disaster situations including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Sandy.

She was a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Specialist for FEMA and designed the process by which FOIA requests are processed in the agency today. She created processes and developed training material for new FOIA staff members and training on new developments and recent legislation for all FOIA staff. She gave presentations and conducted the training as well.

She was the Program Manager for the Report of Survey/Board of Survey program, establishing it to manage all lost, damaged or destroyed federal property.

She was the Quality Control Team Lead for the Legacy FOIA Team which managed the FOIA request backlog. She has handled very sensitive material including 9/11 reports, written SORNs and has a solid grasp of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts.

She wrote the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the FOIA office, Property Office, Privacy Office and Records Management. She has also written policy and Procedures for various offices.

She has also acted as a consultant for federal contractors, helping with contracts, proposals, processes, policies and SOPs.


519 Projects Completed

Stephanie majored in Philosophy at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. Her concentrations were 'Eastern Philosophy and Religious Thought' and 'Ethics.'

She has written extensively on a wide variety of topics within the Spirituality niche including, Bible study, religion, peace, topics of the Bible, philosophy, family Bible study, finding peace, contentment, meditation, yoga and related topics.

Stephanie also has several personal blogs related to spirituality including 'The Christian Aspie,' a blog dedicated to Christians with Asperger's Syndrome.

Self Help

518 Projects Completed

Stephanie has worked on various writing projects involving life coaching, spirituality and religion and many other self help topics.

Projects included ebooks, articles, blog posts, essays and sales copy. Some of the topics she has written on in this category include life coaching, happiness, contentment, spiritual fulfillment, addiction, anger management, depression, relationship issues, marriage, parenting and many others.


517 Projects Completed

Stephanie works with 'problem' dogs or dogs that have behavioral issues (primarily aggression and separation anxiety) to rehabilitate them so that they are adoptable. She has written for several pet blogs (mainly dogs) and been a contributing writer for several websites on pet care and dog training.
She has firsthand experience working with pit bulls, Australian cattle dogs, chihuahuas and wolf hybrids but is very knowledgeable in dog care and training as well as breed specific traits and characteristics.
She adopted a chihuahua from a rescue and he had some anxiety, aggression and trust issues. She created a blog to document her work with him and help others who adopt rescue dogs learn how to work with their dogs and make them a part of the family.
She has been training dogs for most of my life. Her specialty is behavioral issues in dogs. She works with rescue dogs to help curb undesirable behaviors such as aggression, fear biting, food aggression, dominance, disobedience and other issues. Her approach is to reach the dog at its own level, speaking it own 'language.' She seeks to understand the cause or possible cause of the behavior and remedy it at its root. Then she educates the owner.

For instance, a dog that bites may be tired, overstimulated or afraid. Each CAUSE of the behavior requires a different approach. She finds the cause then tailors the approach to that cause.

She also works with cats and horses, helping to curb behavioral issues as well as help owners with pet nutrition and pet care.
She is a long time advocate for spaying/neutering pets and for getting dogs from rescues as opposed to pet shops.
She also has firsthand experience in exotic pets such as snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, skinks, chameleons, bearded dragons and other similar animals.


515 Projects Completed

Stephanie is a former employee in the legal department of a United States Federal Agency. She managed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, analyzed government records to determine whether material was appropriate for public release while protecting sensitive information under the nine exemptions of the FOIA. She worked with highly sensitive government information as well as with proprietary information of government contractors.

She has worked in other areas of law, research, support and documentation, including: worker's compensation, insurance, family law (divorce, separation, child custody, father's rights, etc.), bankruptcy, credit repair, federal government policy, Privacy Act, federalism and general law.


506 Projects Completed

Stephanie has authored several books on marriage and relationships. She has also written extensively on parenting, marriage, dating, domestic violence, abuse and friendships for various online and offline publications, blogs and websites.

Her expertise in maintaining and rebuilding relationships has garnered her great praise from readers and clients as her work has helped many battered women recover from abuse and helped repair many marriages.

She has written numerous books and articles on abuse, how to heal from abuse, how to identify abusive patterns, how to tell is your teen is being abused and how to minister or help someone who is in an abusive situation.


503 Projects Completed

Stephanie does public relations for several indie bands. Her work puts her in the heart of the music industry because she has to keep her ear to the ground, understand the hierarchy and know the responsibilities and jobs of each person she deals with.

This experience gives her a unique perspective of the industry. She has written articles, blog posts and white papers on breaking into the business, handling contracts, how to find a manager, what to look for in a manager, how to deal with promoters, how to identify a scam (promoter), tips for the first show, how to create a following, social media tips to increase fan base, tips on songwriting, playing guitar and piano, and many others.


418 Projects Completed

Stephanie is the author of a diet book and healthy eating program. She has also written extensively on nutrition, healthy recipes, child nutrition, teen nutrition, nutrition during pregnancy, nutrition while breastfeeding, GMO foods, organic foods, food addiction, eating clean, eating raw, juicing, eating disorders, healthy dieting, supplements and making healthy food choices. Her work has been featured on many different websites and blogs.


315 Projects Completed

Stephanie has authored many articles and blog posts as well as given presentations on biological topics like how the body works, cells, how we hear, digestion, the nervous system, the human brain and biological tendencies we still carry with us today. She has also written on biological philosophy and ethics.

Pharm topics include health supplements, drugs, side effects, how herbal supplements are used and natural cures for common ailments.


304 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written numerous articles, blog posts and editorials on women's issues including women's health, family, parenting, work-life balance, Christian women, empowerment, history of women's rights and biographies of inspirational women.

She has been a regular contributor to both online and offline publications.


250 Projects Completed

Stephanie has been a regular contributing writer to a blog on dating as well as several humor pieces on parenting teens for an established parenting blog. She has also written the occasional piece for various sites including titles:
What I learned from my dog, 7 different ways to make a fire without matches and 42 and Single.

Green Living

164 Projects Completed

Stephanie has contributed to many green living oriented blogs, newsletters, publications and websites. The focus has often been more family oriented in nature, ways to live green, ways to take your family green, etc.

She has also written about off grid living and adapting a home for green living including solar energy, heating, cooling, yurts and ways to minimize your carbon footprint.

Current projects include creating a blog for 'preppers' with an emphasis on disaster prep and rustic living (pioneer way of life).


5,355 Projects Completed

Stephanie's journalistic experience includes community newspapers, city newspapers, magazines, online newsletters, websites, and scholarly publications. Her work can be found all over the internet!

She is adept at interviewing experts and researching subjects, getting to the heart of the issue, using pathos where appropriate, and writing in a concise, tight manner.

Blog Post

2,576 Projects Completed

Stephanie is a regular contributor and ghostwriter for several blogs that cover industries including migraines, legal, real estate, parenting, relationships, natural health, insurance, business, career, pets, marketing, diet, health, and many others.

She also maintains her own blogs, has written a curriculum on blog writing and has taught courses on the subject.

Web Page

1,123 Projects Completed

Stephanie's experience as a website builder and consultant for voluntary organizations, non-profits, corporations, and government agencies has prepared her for writing SEO rich web pages and content that has high conversion rates.

Her education and experience have afforded her a strong foundation in both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Her unique approach to SEO that gets results allows her to provide optimal customer service for her clients.

She can assist clients in choosing appropriate keywords, organizing and managing content, rewriting existing web pages to enhance their capabilities for conversion and traffic as well as give websites a current, professional, polished appearance.

Press Release

1,037 Projects Completed

As a public relations/public affairs officer for corporate, government, and non-profit agencies, Stephanie has been writing press releases for more than 20 years.

She has worked with governmental agencies, non-profits, corporations, local businesses, and online companies to craft and hone their messages.

Some of her clients include the State of Louisiana, FEMA, DHS, YMCA, United Way, Earth Day Baton Rouge, Capital Bank, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Katrina's Angels, and

Product Description

1,028 Projects Completed

Stephanie writes SEO rich product descriptions for various sites and products. Some of the sites she has written for include: Amazon, Axon Optics, Home Depot, Sears, Crystal Mood and My Trio Rings.


1,005 Projects Completed

Stephanie was a speechwriter for several federal agencies and wrote speeches and talking points for federal, state, and local officials during the Hurricane Katrina response and recovery.

She has written speeches for federal officials, members of the Optimist Club, the president of Entergy for Earth Day, bank presidents, government officials, lawyers, journalists, and the occasional father of the bride.

She has also taught speechwriting and mentored teens involved in competitive public speaking.

She was an award-winning speechwriter, public speaker, and Parliamentary debater at Rocky Mountain College.

Facebook Post

813 Projects Completed

As a social media marketing expert, Stephanie understands that social media platforms, specifically Facebook, are all about relationships. She has written numerous Facebook posts for a variety of clients, both local and online.

She writes to engage the reader, whether the post directs them to a blog or just stirs up some conversation. She has the ability to draw people in and open the door to convert prospects to customers.

Mobile Content

751 Projects Completed

As the push for content to be mobile-friendly, the need for solid, relevant mobile content has increased. Stephanie has consistently produced mobile content that speaks to the audience, regardless of the type of content it is (text, video, app content, etc.).


609 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written marketing brochures for many different entities, including recruiting brochures for the federal government, real estate, insurance (home, auto, farm equipment, etc.), retail, career, nonprofit, and others.

She studied marketing and human behavior (neuroeconomics - how people make decisions, the buying process, and others) in college and understands what drives people to take action.

Email Copy

575 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written many email sales copy and email e-courses on a variety of topics including insurance, cooking, health, product introductions, sales, diet, legal issues and more. She has written sales copy for email on a wide variety of products and services including network marketing ventures.

Newsletter Content

510 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written newsletter content for many non-profit agencies including the YMCA, Public Broadcasting System, and United Way. She has also written newsletter content for a U.S. federal agency as well as several state and local governments.

She has worked with clients all over the world to develop content that is timely and relevant to the intended audience.


441 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written more than 400 scripts for corporations, voluntary organizations, and government agencies.

Her liberal arts education and minor in writing provided her with the foundation necessary to write cold scripts, scripts from audio notes, scripts from outlines, and many others. Her most recent project was a series of sales training scripts for a website company where she received an exceptional rating.


153 Projects Completed

Areas of expertise for ebook writing/publication:
* Formatting
* Navigation
* Writing
* Conversion from print manuscript
* Prep for publication (title page, copyright, etc.)

Stephanie has written, formatted, and published 13 books and ebooks under her own name.

She has also worked as a ghostwriter for more than 100 ebooks on subjects including marketing, business, health, weight loss, and fitness as well as a series of children's ebooks on animals.

She is able to handle an ebook project from start to finish, including formatting. She understands the nuances that make an ebook different from a print book, how they are handled by various readers, as well as best practices for navigation.

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