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Stephanie M
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Do you need a captivating business story told; one that will engage your readers and bring your brand to life? If so, this profile is right where you need to be. Whether you are a major corporation running multiple locations, or a one-man show working out of your garage, Stephanie M can help you reach your customers and help you attract new ones. It’s what she does.

And she’s good at it.

Stephanie works with businesses to create web content that leaps off the page (or screen) to inform, educate, and engage, leading to social sharing, conversion, and return visits. She does it all: blog posts, articles, social media management, website content, press releases – you get the idea.

While the topics she writes on are broad and diverse, her primary focus tends to be on legal & law, health & wellness, elder care & geriatric health, and business marketing (including SEO articles). She works with other industries regularly, including disaster (prep, recovery, response), food & recipes, pest control, real estate, education, career, lifestyle, religion & spirituality (she is an ordained minister), and pets.

Her work as an analyst/disaster response specialist with FEMA in Washington, D.C. gave her a unique insight into disaster prep, response, and recovery. She helped individuals and businesses recovering from major disasters (including hurricanes Katrina and Sandy), as well as provided educational material for disaster prep.

When she left the agency, she used what she learned in the disaster arena to help businesses thrive and survive. There are many lessons to be learned there.

If you're looking for in-depth, well-researched articles, Stephanie is definitely your girl. She’s written research-heavy pieces for many clients including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, Wisconsin Urgent Care, Axon Optics, and Health Plan Senior.

She’s also worked with Polaroid, Home Depot, Apartment Therapy, MapQuest, AT&T, Valpak, CityPages, and as well as a number of legal clients in practice areas that include family law, criminal defense, federal law, personal injury, car accidents, and estates & wills.

Let Stephanie M. bring your brand to life.
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