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Solveig is currently a graduate student in Historical Musicology, where she focused on the work of women in music patronage. She has a background in pedagogy and music, as well as extensive experience coordinating events for higher education institutions. Her language skills include English (native), Spanish, Norwegian and some German. She is an avid amateur dancer and knitter, and has an deep commitment to cooking and eating high-quality, mostly-healthy food.


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Solveig has a strong background in pedagogy and education, working for eight years as a music educator in both private and classroom settings. In addition, she has pursued coursework in feminist pedagogy and has been teaching courses in music history at the undergraduate level for the past five years. Her teaching experiences include all elementary and secondary grade levels, college and continuing adult education.


Solveig has extensive experience as a performer and scholar in music, extending over twenty years of her music training and career. She has performed as a flutist and vocalist, and has taught piano and general music skills as well. As a scholar, she is a specialist in nineteenth century music, and has general training in the history of Western classical music, popular music, the music of India and of the Caribbean.

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Solveig has successfully applied for several research grants, including the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship. She has also worked extensively on grant writing for the graduate study group Music and Sound Studies, winning the group's largest grant to date for the academic year 2015-2016 with an application she authored.

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