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Alexandra is a content creator and word nerd currently based in Columbus, Ohio and originally from Mexico City. She has a B.A. Professional Writing and French from the University of New Mexico an an M.A. in British Literature from Kings College London in the UK. She has professional experience as a writer and editor in the nonprofit sector and in trade publishing, and she is intimately familiar with academic writing in the arts and humanities. Two years of freelance experience in search engine evaluation have given her focused insight into how and why SEO techniques work, and they also bought her enough time to write her first novel, which she just sold.

Her interests are varied--she has traveled extensively and has lived in several foreign countries, she is a voracious reader and moviegoer, she is a baking whiz (just don't ask her to cook), she follows the latest fashion and beauty trends, and she loves the performing arts (she was a professional ballerina for a few years before college). She loves sharing these passions with others, and her enthusiasm is a signature of her writing style.


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Alexandra completed three years of graduate work at King's College London in the UK and at UCLA. In this time, she worked as a teaching assistant and lecturer for various undergraduate courses. She also served as a writing tutor to undergraduate students at UCLA's Undergraduate Writing Center.


Alexandra has lived in three different countries: Mexico (where she was born), the U.S. (where she grew up), and the U.K. (where she completed her graduate degree). Life as a global citizen has taught her that every new place visited, every new culture explored, provides a unique perspective and a whole new set of tools to add to her intellectual toolbox. One of the great advantages of freelance work for Alexandra is that she can complete it from "home"--wherever home may be on any given day!--and she takes full advantage of that flexibility, travelling as many weeks of the year as budget permits.


Alexandra completed an internship with Pelican Publishing Company in New Orleans, LA, during which she served under all of Pelican's departments (Editorial, Production, Promotions, and Sales). She is currently learning about trade publishing from an author's point of view; she recently sold her first novel to Lee & Low and is in the process of preparing it for a forthcoming publication date of spring 2019.

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Blog Post

Alexandra has maintained a personal blog for several years to document her extensive travel in foreign countries. In the past, she has also maintained a book and film review blog.


Alexandra has written and published several scholarly articles in the field of British literature, and has also had journalistic nonfiction essays printed in smaller publications.


Alexandra recently sold her first book-length work, a novel for young adults. She is currently in the process of editing her book-length thesis manuscript for potential publishers.

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