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Emily M. is a private practice psychotherapist by trade and began her freelance writing career developing psychology and medical-related content. She discovered a passion for writing and has since created a broad range of content, including press releases, product descriptions, blog posts, website content, SEO articles and a number of other articles.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills have provided Emily M. with the foundation needed to communicate with clients and others in a positive manner at all times. She strives to meet all deadlines on time and within budget. Providing excellent service to clients is Emily M.'s top priority. Clients rave about Emily M.'s work. Here are just a few of the comments that she has received from satisfied clients:

Travel: "Excellent work"
Education: "Your knowledge of education really shines in this article"
Marketing: "Great work. I can't find anything to change"
Psychology: "Top-notch content"; "You really know this area well"


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Industry Projects

  • Other500+
  • Consumer Goods500+
  • Marketing100+
  • Travel100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Emily M. is experienced in providing content for a variety of other industries besides what is listed above. Some of the other industries that Emily M. has developed content for include social media, psychology, sociology and more. Within these industries, Emily M. has developed a wide range of different types of content, such as:

Social media posts
Blog articles
Press releases
Website content

Consumer Goods

Emily M. writes compelling and accurate copy for the consumer goods industry. Her writing appeals to a wide variety of audiences. Emily M.'s clients say that her product descriptions are compelling, accurate and wonderfully highlight their product or service's best features.


Do you need a writer with extensive experience in writing persuasive sales copy for your marketing campaign? If you want marketing copy that draws your audience in and motivates them to take action, then you will want to work with Emily M. She constantly researches marketing concepts in order to develop compelling content on marketing-related topics. Some of her areas of expertise include:

Marketing web copy
Email campaigns
Sales brochures
Social media updates


Emily M. has written hundreds of travel-related blog posts, articles and guides. Emily M. has traveled extensively and enjoys writing about destinations all over the world.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Article500+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

One of Emily M.'s strengths is developing custom blog posts. She has written on numerous subjects, including health, parenting, lifestyle, exercise and more. One of Emily M.'s goals in creating blogs is to connect with her audience. Relatable blog posts help her achieve that goal. Emily M. is skilled with the following different types of blog posts:

How-to guides


Emily M. has extensive experience conceptualizing and writing articles of all different types. Some of the article topics that Emily M. has written include travel, education, law, psychology and more. Emily M. has experience writing a variety of of articles, including:

Informative articles
How-to guides
Exposé magazine articles
Travel guides
Human interest pieces

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