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Amanda has a M.S.Ed degree from the University of Pennsylvania in School and Mental Health Counseling, and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. She has experience writing magazine articles, newspaper articles, SEO-friendly web copy, and blog posts. She loves writing about the intersection of physical and mental health, and how positive thinking can change the course of a person's well-being. Amanda has 8 years of experience as a classroom teacher, 3 years as a drug/ alcohol detox mental health therapist, and 10 years of experience in health, fitness, nutrition, and personal training.
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SEO, health, fitness, women's interests, parenting, education, higher education, graduate school, adult education, inner city issues, race relations, relationships, marriage


Parenting, Relationships, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga, Running, Education, Social Justice, Mental Health, Psychology, Addiction, Counseling, Mindfulness, Motivation, Inspiration, Positive Thinking


Penn State University

Psychology focusing on genetics, biology, adolescent studies, and positive psych

University of Pennsylvania

Mental health counseling, specializing in addiction, relationships, LGBTQ+


1,090 Projects Completed

While completing her M.Ed. at UPenn, Amanda worked as an intern at Mercy Hospital of Philadelphia's psychiatry unit. Amanda has extensive experience conducting both group and individual therapy sessions to help clients discover and change problematic thought patterns and behaviors.


783 Projects Completed

Amanda writes for organizations that help people with addiction, mental illness, and dual diagnosis issues. While studying to earn her M.S.Ed. at the University of Pennsylvania, Amanda completed a three-year internship at an urban hospital's psychiatric unit.


313 Projects Completed

She's written many blogs and how-to pages for automotive companies.


302 Projects Completed

During her years in graduate school (2011-2014) at the University of Pennsylvania, Amanda wrote a variety of research papers and proposals, mostly focusing on issues within the urban education and health care systems. As a teacher in an inner city school (2007-2015) and an intern in an inner city hospital (2012-2014, detox and acute psychology units), Amanda gained a wealth of unique experience.


123 Projects Completed

Amanda is a NASM-certified personal trainer.


84 Projects Completed

She's written many blog posts and articles on healthy recipes, healthy ingredient swaps, and more.


72 Projects Completed

From parenting to finding the time in the day to work out, I'm here to help you create the lifestyle stories, blogs, and how-to guides that your audience needs.

Health Supplements

57 Projects Completed

Explaining ingredients within supplements, providing guidance on supplements for health conditions


41 Projects Completed

She's currently in the process of earning her certification in fitness nutrition with NASM, and she's been working in the fitness and nutrition industry since 2011.


33 Projects Completed

She's the mom of a three-year-old, and understands the ups and downs that parents experience over the course of the day. She keeps a positive vibe when talking about parenting, but she's a realist. It's all butterflies and sunshine most of the time, but also... life happens, and there's nothing wrong with being honest about that.


25 Projects Completed

Web copy for beauty startups, retailers, boutiques, and more

CBD Products

18 Projects Completed

Several projects on the growth of the CBD industry in the age of legalization


13 Projects Completed

As a busy mom and military wife, Amanda understands the unique challenges that families face. She's passionate about helping women remember that they can't pour from an empty cup. It's imperative to prioritize self care in order to take care of others.


12 Projects Completed

She has experience writing for both pharmaceutical and holistic medication companies.


5 Projects Completed

Several projects on the transformation of the CBD industry since legalization

Web Page

2,430 Projects Completed

She has written for both landing and topic-specific pages for businesses and professionals across a wide variety of industries. She is happy to incorporate SEO principles upon request.

Blog Post

1,336 Projects Completed

Amanda writes about health, fitness, and lifestyle topics. As a health and fitness coach and a former group fitness instructor with an M.S.Ed in Mental Health Counseling, she has a unique perspective on the psychology that creates health issues for people who are working to get fit.

Mobile Content

600 Projects Completed

She has written several text messaging campaigns, with up to 200 unique messages.


478 Projects Completed

She has written advertisements across a variety of industries, including automotive, behavioral health, personal training, and more.


41 Projects Completed

She has written several middle- to high-school educational books focusing on biology, social justice issues, history, and more.

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