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Carolyn O's professional experience includes playing in a professional orchestra, running a battered women's shelter, doing desk top publishing (beginning in 1987), writing grants, editing, teaching at the college level, being a technology coordinator, being a math educator, writing curriculum, teaching music lessons, and creating effective programs for people of all ages. Her wide range of experience demonstrates her ability to learn quickly and to help others learn, as well.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Carolyn O's writing about education includes published research about teaching, writing information and how-to articles for teachers and pre-service teachers, writing to help students learn in online and hybrid courses, writing as a means of making a wide range of information available to students (on a wiki), making analyses of teaching and learning, and analyzing research. She specializes in taking complex topics and making them understandable to non-specialists. She has also done desk top publishing for an educational journal, copy editing, and developmental editing (helping authors conceptualize their books and organizing their writing into logical chapters).


As an educator, Carolyn O is a technology evangelist, finding technological resources and writing about them, writing about how to implement technology in the classroom, and helping people who are new to or fearful of technology to become competent and enthusiastic technology users. Much of her work has been published on various wikis for her students and university colleagues to use. Carolyn is a Prezi Educator; she submitted a Prezi to the creators of that web app and was one of 60 selected out of a group of 500+ applicants.

Non Profit

During the 1980's, Carolyn O became an advocate for battered women, working at two different shelters and in a state-wide organization. Her writing in this area, at that time, consisted of grant applications, newsletter articles at both local and state-wide levels, information on domestic violence for community members, and reports on state-based visits concerning statewide standards to battered women's shelters all over Ohio. She has been employed exclusively by non-profit organizations since the 1980s.

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Summary of Product Experience


Grant writing has been a part of several jobs Carolyn O has held. She has written grants to support new projects in a non-profit agency (a battered women's shelter) and at the statewide level to create projects in an agency devoted to statewide advocacy for battered women. Writing grants has also been a part of her job at the university. There, she has written grants to support research in mathematics education and the development of technology education.

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