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Rebecca's professional experience comprises 20 years’ experience in writing, editing, desktop publishing, administrative support, and bookselling. She works well both in a team and individually, and she has leadership/management experience as well. All her positions have required attention to detail, organization, strict adherence to deadlines, flexibility and the ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience

Self Help

Rebecca has written landing pages for self-help programs by alternative medicine practitioners. She has also written several articles on sex and relationship topics.


Most of Rebecca's experience in the publishing industry involves editing and proofreading, however, she recently picked up an author client for whom she provided some copywriting.


Rebecca earned her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, worked as a therapist for a few years, then transitioned into life and relationship coaching. During both of those careers, she wrote several blogs and articles both for her own sites and for an online relationship magazine.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Rebecca has been published in an online relationship magazine and in both the print and online versions of a daily newspaper for a science fiction convention. She also managed her own magazine on Native American topics, which included writing, editing, and layout and design.

Blog Post

Rebecca has maintained several of her own blogs on various topics for many years. Her most recent blog is a chronicle of her life as a nomad in the RV she and her husband live, work and travel in full-time.

Facebook Post

While running her Virtual Assistant business, Rebecca maintained the Facebook pages for several of her clients. Now, as a professional copywriter, she is doing so again. She schedules frequent posts of different types, monitors and responds to audience comments, and analyzes engagement results in order to modify her approach as needed.

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