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Lisa’s unique blend of wit, humor and simplicity facilitate an experiential reading journey that challenges the reader to not only connect with the subject matter but also to look through new lenses at the topic at hand. Lisa can take complicated and intense subject matter and present it in a way that the reader feels as if they are sitting at the kitchen table over a steamy cup of rich, hot cocoa and discussing it in person. There is a sense that although the reader might not always agree with the perspective, the reader can relate to the writing. This subtle way of presenting information lulls the reader into receptivity to the material at hand. Utilizing logic and facts coupled with stories of shared experience gives the reader something to relate to.

Lisa began writing over twenty years ago. This passionate hobby turned into a prolific career with Lisa having published 8 books. She also writes for several well-known magazines and child/parenting organizations. She writes on subject matters ranging from conscious & intentional parenting to metaphysics and spirituality. She also works with women’s organizations on empowering women and has written several books specifically for women who are waking up to and finding their own voices. Her experience and reputation as a parenting expert and spiritual coach have given her many opportunities to share her gifts and talents around the country. She has been invited to speak at national speaking engagements, hosted spiritual retreats and has been invited to speak on a local TV program.

Lisa is a life-long avid learner and researcher and is always looking to expand her awareness, consciousness, and understanding of life. She has taken this eclectic life-learning, together with a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology, a Master’s and Doctorate in Metaphysics and Transpersonal Counseling, certification in Family Effectiveness Training, and as a Neurodevelopmentalist to facilitate healing experiences for others.


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The following is an excerpt from Lisa's website. Lisa discusses the perils of parenthood and promotes methods of parenting on purpose and in peace. This introduction is intended to capture the interest of the reader and invite them into a shared experience with Lisa.

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Summary of book by Lisa - "Crackin' Up: 28 Days of Letting in Light"

Join Lisa as she guides you through a personal journey. Life cracks us - it's supposed to. When all you thought you were lies scattered all over the floor, it can look and feel pretty messy. But in this space, there are endless possibilities available and from this raw material, we get to create something new. The author invites you to join her in this moment, one crack at a time to let in the light. As we open up to let light into the darkened places of our minds, bodies, and spirits, we find room for something new to come forth. This 28-day adventure opens us up to our intentions, our health, our relationships, our beliefs, our shadow, our sacred and playful selves. We crack open space for declarations, gratitude, energy exercises, magical moments and much more! Come, crack up and play in the light


Book Summary from "Tao of Parenting: The Path to Peaceful Parenting" by Lisa

This book views parenting through the scope of the sacred text, "The Tao te Ching". Each of the 81 verses is interpreted for parenting consciously and living in balance. The verses are broken down to support parents in parenting -- peacefully. Written from a mother's perspective coupled with spiritual truths and developmentally-sound concepts, this book outlines simple, peaceful and easily-implemented ways to parent on purpose.


Lisa has provided life coaching and spiritual counseling for women for years. In addition, she hosts workshops and retreats for women. Lisa's books for women invite them on a journey toward more light, love, and laughter in their lives. Lisa shares her own journey in her books and offers insight into issues that women grapple with. Her eclectic life experience, education, and lessons learned on her own spiritual quest lend themselves toward relatability with women in all walks of life going through a myriad of experiences.

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This book looks at ways of parenting the whole child using simple and practical ideas. It defines and discusses the importance of authentic play and how it shapes the brain. It also describes what conscious parenting is and how to utilize simple techniques and strategies to parent on purpose, consciously and peacefully (and easily implemented!) Lastly, it outlines parenting from a brain-based perspective. The concepts in this book can be utilized to foster a healthy mind, body, and spirit of the developing child to nurture the "whole" child - who is Monster-Proof for life.

Below is a sample from the book, "M.O.N.S.T.E.R.Proof Your Child"

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This was an article written for the Child Safety Network The article was written to create discussion and awareness around the topic of screen time for children. Lisa addresses the issue of children and electronics and how parents can engage their children in different ways during times their children need to wait or are simply bored.

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The following is an excerpt from Lisa's website. Lisa discusses the perils of parenthood and promotes methods of parenting on purpose and in peace. This introduction is intended to capture the interest of the reader and invite them into a shared experience with Lisa.

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