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Marie has been an aspiring writer since childhood. Marie has written short stories, poems, and informative articles, mostly for friends and family, however, a few articles have been posted on public and private writing sharing sites and received good reviews. Having raised two sons on her own, Marie's aspirations to become a full-time writer had to put on the back burner. Now that Marie's children are grown she has the opportunity to pursue her dream of writing full-time.


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Marie has over 30 years experience in crafts. Marie has written various instructional and informative articles for friends and family. The subject of these articles included topics such as tutorials and tips and hints about where to find the best supplies at the lowest cost. Although Marie also enjoys writing short stories and poems she excels in more technical writing.


Marie has traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico and visited several regions in Central America as well. During her travels, she was fascinated by the differences in the food culture. Not only the difference between the Latin American food and the fare from the United States, but the differences between regions and countries as well. While staying with families in Mexico and Central America many of the cooks were quite happy to share their recipes and secrets for great dishes. Upon returning to the United States, Marie shared her knowledge with others via written recipes, tutorials and is currently writing a cookbook to gift to her sons who were raised with a great appreciation for fresh, nutritious home-cooked meals.


Marie has enjoyed gaming, primarily RPG's, board games, and platform/computer games from the time her sons were old enough to understand the rules. She appreciates the closeness and communication that having something as simple as a card game in common can bring to friends and family members. Marie also is a firm believer that playing games can be essential for good mental and emotional development. Playing games with children can teach many useful skills, such as reading and mathematics as well as how to play as a team, and win or lose with grace. Gaming in almost all forms can be a great way to relax and release the stress and tension of the day.

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Marie writes blog posts for her own small business of vinyl decals. Marie has written several informative articles, however, none published for pay. Marie has also written short stories and small collections of recipes for family and friends. Although Marie has no works that have been published for pay, Marie has posted her work in public and private venues, and those items have been well received by the target audiences.

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