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Throughout her law school career, Stephanie has been an active writer and editor for one of American University's five law journals. In addition to legal analysis, she also has experience writing about policy and legislation at the federal and local level. Topics have ranged from sustainable development to biomass legislation, and her expertise is on climate and energy issues.


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Significant experience writing and editing for a law journal at American University Washington College of Law. While unpaid, Stephanie's article, "Requiring the Use of Tracers in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid to Trace Alleged Contamination" was also chosen by the Sustainable Development Law & Policy brief to be published in its Summer publication that is dispersed to hundreds of countries.


Stephanie has written about federal, state, and local policy and politics for a number of years. She has experience writing authoritatively, casually, persuasively, and objectively.

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Stephanie has written a number of articles for journals, policy briefs, and academic and professional blogs.

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Stephanie has written multiple blog posts for her law school, professional career, and personal life.

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Throughout her studies and professional career, Stephanie has written a number of research reports, white paper reports, and fact sheets.

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