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Megan has been writing for over a decade and a half. Most of her work has either been directly school related, or game related. The few short stories she has created were kept solely for her enjoyment, and therefore unpublished. While she has worked in several industries (food, hospitality, science, zoological, nonprofit), her writing experience stayed personal, not professional.

A year ago, she chose to work towards becoming a full-fledged writer, and, in time, a fantasy author. Overall, she is new to the writing career. However, just like in every industry she’s performed in, her writing has her entire dedication. She will always give the best results possible.


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In addition to a formal education in multiple science backgrounds, Megan has also worked in the industry as both a lab technician and chemical analyst where majority of the laboratory reports were data entry and brief notes. However, it's in the strong educational background where her writing style really shines. Weekly school reports, and homework assignments, often required lengthy, detailed, and thorough explanations. She is also accustomed to translating a pictorial graph into the written word.


Megan has been gaming since she was a teenager. She focuses mostly on role playing, strategy, or mmo games. Just as she was dungeon master for her DnD group, every MMO she has been a part of, she has led successful mid-sized guilds. During her guild leading, she’s taken it upon herself to write up guides to help new players, or returning, lazy ones, efficiently play the game. She has also written short stories, or longer epic stories, based upon characters she creates for role playing.


When Megan is not writing, she is baking. Pies, cakes, cookies, and other such delectable desserts are always on her mind. She loves to adjust baking recipes to suit her particular likes, or those of her friends and family. When a friend asks for the recipe, she not only gives it freely, but writes the directions out for them in a manner they could easily mimic. Baking is, after all, a science to be experimented with, repeated, and perfected.

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Megan came to blogging late in the game. She has a blog, and updates it semi-often, but gets distracted. Her blog is generally about herself, gaming, her own stories, or other things that interest her. She keeps politics, religion, and other high-emotion, high-argument-potential off her blog. Most of her posts are verbose due to the massive time between posts. They are, overall, light-hearted, upbeat, and filled with animal or topic-appropriate images.

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