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Many trip reports over 4wheel drive roads in the SW have been used to promote or attract business. Camping and backpacking information has been written for promotional use in local stores in the Southwest of the United States.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Development of a student discipline program that identified and tracked problem students within a school system. Presented program at workshops and the program was used by several school disticts. It included a software package that could be used in conjunction with the tracking program.


Developed reports of accounting activities within the BLM local office. This was done under a confidentially agreement and any further information about the project could possibly break that agreement.


The task was assigned to develop an organizational plan for increasing the effectiveness of customer service contacts and technical support calls made to a local internet company. This included a reorganization of internal workers and routing of calls seeking help or information. Upon completion of the report it was assumed there would reassignment manage the recommended changes within the departments.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Wrote a successful grant application under the title of "Enhancement of Probation Employment of Repeat Offenders" implemented in the Van Buren County probation offices. This was a grant through the State of Michigan.

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