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Stephen has been writing professionally for 15 years. His major accomplishments are working as a staff writer for "The New Britain Herald," and "The New Milford Times" newspapers in Connecticut and as a freelance writer for the Bradenton Herald in Florida. Stephen has been writing nearly his whole life, publishing work in his high school newspaper, and a literary publication in college called "The Tapestry." Also, Stephen has published work in a small local business magazine called "Business Digest," and a local arts/culture magazine called "Passport," and he
was the editor of "The Teller," a newsletter for a bank he worked at in St. Petersburg, FL.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Stephen wrote several stories for the community arts and culture scene in Connecticut for the "New Milford Times," where he began his journalism career. Stephen has covered concerts, musicals, symphonies, interviewed conductors, and musicians. Stephen has a very creative way of connecting the reader to the art and history behind the music for each production he writes about and really understands how to capture the musician's perspective and make it visible to his readers.


Stephen has written many pieces on the entertainment world during his career as a journalist. He has written about theatrical performances, symphonies, art shows, parades, authors and books, film festivals and concerts. Stephen can capture the purpose of each work and communicate its importance to his readers. Stephen is very creative and knows how to place his reader into the event so that they can understand the art and its place in our life.


Stephen has worked in the Education system as a High School Language Arts teacher for five years in Manatee County Florida. Having worked within the system he has a good sense of what goes on in the classroom, and understands issues high school students deal with. Also, Stephen has dealt with school curriculum, faculty issues, school policies and politics, and parental concerns among other issues.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Stephen has written many articles for the New Milford Times, the New Britain Herald and the Bradenton Herald, among other magazines and newsletters throughout his career as a journalist. His expertise lies is artistic and historical articles that convey art's purpose to society in a meaningful way. Stephen uses his advanced degree English to generate rich stories that are meaningful and easily relatable.

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