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Mike has spent the last 20 years writing business reports and investigative reports for a large utility. While working full-time Mike obtained his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Organizational Development.

Mike developed and presented compelling presentations using excellent written communication skills. He wrote reports that provided understanding of events, explaining the causes of the events, and providing recommendations for preventing or mitigating future events. On several occasions Mike developed lesson plans for the utility's training program.

Since retirement, Mike spends much of his time writing in preparation for teaching in a ministry environment and for a blog called Men Being Real.

Mike has been trained in writing Root Cause, Apparent Cause, and Human Performance Reports in accordance with 10CFR 50.59 (Code of Federal Regulations).

While working as a Predictive Maintenance Specialist Mike published an article for Vibration Magazine entitled 'Axivane Fan Vibrations Caused by Resonance in Spring Isolators.'
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Mike's specialty is writing investigative reports that explains an event, the causes of the event, and providing recommendations to mitigate future events. He has also written Cultural Behavior Study reports that helps explain human performance attitudes and characteristics of personal in a work environment.


Mike likes to teach and lead men in Bible Studies and provide leadership guidance. Helping men to be a better Husbands, Dads, employees, or employers. He also spends much of his time reading books on leadership. Some of the most recent books Mike has read includes, 'The Emotional Healthy Leader' by Peter Scazzero; 'The Secret of Teams' by Mark Miller; and 'Called to Lead' by John MacArthur.


University of Mount Olive

Mike completed this study while working full-time. In addition to taking the required courses form graduation he also completed courses in Leadership and Leadership Development.


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Mike developed investigative reports that were a result of equipment failures or personnel errors. These reports provided a detail explanation of the event, what went wrong, what was expected to occur, the causes of the event, any industry benchmarking information of same or similar events, and actions to mitigate future events.

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Mike is currently writing a Blog for a ministry to men called Men Being Real: The Authentic Man. Mike is using this to share his experiences to what he has learned as a man. This includes being a husband, Dad, employee, or friend. He shares his experience and then relates the experiences to a scriptural reference for life evaluation and application.

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