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Noam has over 5 years' experience in various content marketing roles, including as the content marketing manager for a leading agency in the Boston area, as well as over a decade of experience writing for academic and government audiences across the world. His unique perspectives allow him to maintain a singular voice where appropriate, and to fit his writing to the needs and expectations of his diverse client base where and as needed.

Following an unfortunate turn in global events that led him away from his initial career path, Noam developed a thriving content marketing and copy editing business built on the backs of repeat clients and strong relationships with high-leverage decision makers both in the Boston-area startup ecosystem and at leading publishing houses across the globe. Having lent his expertise to clients ranging from niche eCommerce sites to major international economic development agencies, he is a flexible and dedicated writer who brings to bear PhD-caliber research skills alongside an eye for what resonates with an audience.


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Industry Projects

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  • Politics5
  • Non Profit2

Summary of Industry Experience


Noam has extensive experience as a content marketing consultant across a range of industries, including on behalf of B2B big data and web design startups, large market research corporations, independent B2C and eCommerce niche websites, and international economic development consultancies.


Bringing to bear his decades of first-hand experience in now war-torn Syria, Noam was approached by a leading international economic development consultancy to aid them in making the case that population migration contributes to a thriving economy in the host nation. Combining his PhD-caliber research skills with his comfort writing for a professional, C-level audience, he was able to pull together economic and demographic data into a cogent narrative that underscored the role that newly arrived refugee and migrant populations have played in ensuring the economic health of nations throughout recent history.

Non Profit

As part of a fundraising campaign on behalf of a local chapter of a national non-profit focused on civic engagement, Noam was contracted to create content that would resonate with potential donors. The local chapter's focus on open government data afforded the opportunity to illustrate how robust third-party groups such as his client were essential watchdogs and quality assurance agents, acting both as a check against overreach and a reminder to focus on the constituency for local, state and federal governments.

Product Projects

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  • Grant/Proposal4
  • White Paper1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Noam has worked with clients across several industries to produced informative and engaging blog content. His content is informed by SEO and content marketing best practices, addressing specific research questions and organically targeting relevant long-tail keywords while focusing on his clients' real "top of the marketing funnel" content needs.


Building on his lengthy academic career in the social sciences, during which he won several competitive grants for the conducting of new research and the publication of archived materials, Noam has worked with multiple clients in the NGO and international development arenas to produce accurate and compelling grant proposals and to fulfill Requests for Proposals issued by leading national and international organizations, including the United States' State Department, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the United Kingdom's Department for International Development.

White Paper

Working from a base of PhD-caliber research skills coupled with a career of writing for C-suite audiences in the public and private sector, Noam is able to synthesize broad data sets and to present easily digestible findings in the forms of white papers and executive summaries.

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