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Scott Charles A
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Scott has a law degree but never practiced law. Scott has a very extensive vocabulary, and is good at organizing, presenting, describing, teaching, and structuring...in writing.

Scott scored in the 93 percentile on his law boards, so...something is rolling around up there :)

Scott has started and operated business in many fields over the last 30 years including:
Foreclosed Commercial Real Estate
Residential Lending
Director of a Commercial Daycare Center (still operated by my family)
Coach Bus Company
Commercial Trucking Company
Professional Recruiting company specializing in Financial and Equipment Finance positions

Additionally, Scott has lived, worked, or traveled to: Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, California...oh my....
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Scott has a diverse and well traveled background. His specialty is bring able to research, understand, organize, and then explain/teach, just about anything. Last week Scott repaired one of outside air conditioning Condensers at his home - the big unit that sits outside and makes a lot of noise :). Five YouTube's of "education", and Scott both diagnosed that the issue was the electronic condenser unit, and then was able safely replace the condenser unit... Today Scott is replacing the supports on an outside deck. Last Month Scott designed a new website for his wife's newly launched wedding decor business, this week he is completing the design of a Pay-per-Click website for his son. A month ago, Scott didn't know how to design a website. Now, Scott could teach you WordPress, Rev Slider, and some HTML code...

Scott knows a great many topics and information, and can learn anything you need written about in short or and properly present it to your readers.


Music, movies, politics, nature, travel.


University of Michigan

Scott entered the University of Michigan having exempted out of most Pre-Rec's by taking AP courses in High School. He concentrated on Political Science, Political Theory, and Political Philosophy, studying revolutions, political structure, and the justification for governmental power in society.

Boston University Law School

First Year:
Third highest grade in Legal Method
Fourth highest grade in Real Property

Second Year:
Fourth highest grade in Federal Tax

Took off third year to study outside the country. Then returned to complete studies and degree.


0 Projects Completed

Scott worked in the commercial banking industry for ~7 years in Commercial Real Estate Lending departments and later REO (Real Estate Owned) departments. Scot was responsible for large portfolios of non-performing assets, including OREO shopping centers, office buildings, and a 267 acre raw land, commercial development.

Scott direct managed realty assets including shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, condo projects, apartment complexes, incomplete housing subdivisions, and a multi-PUD, land development project encompassing 10,000 acres of semi-developed commercial and residential land, including an existing 350 member country club/golf course/hotel. Each project required individualized evaluation, business plan, and budgets.

Small projects were in the $3MM to $6MM range, and larger projects were $125MM to $200MM in market value.


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Envisioned, designed, planned, and launched a parochial middle and high school to service students that were not performing in existing parochial schools in the area. The focus of the new school was smaller classrooms providing more individualized attention, and a more substantial daily participation rate for each student.

Scott was responsible for all aspects of founding and operating the school, including interviewing, hiring, setting curriculum goals, equipment, space planning, developing class schedules, and communications.


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Scott founded both a Coach Bus Company and a Commercial Trucking Company. Both companies had between $950,000 and $1,500,000 in annual revenues. Scott directly hired and managed all drivers. Additionally, Scott was responsible for the development and implementation of marketing plans, and managed all aspects of financing, maintenance, regulatory compliance, and customer support.

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Scott was responsible for the design and development of the following two websites.



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Scott has written the text for many advertising campaigns for businesses such as daycare, wedding design, travel, contests, educational programs, raffles, and more.

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