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Bryan has spent the past few summers working for ChemStaff, Inc., a chemical engineering firm that specializes in the global power industry. His duties have included writing company policies, work process procedures, checklists, and other related documents. Bryan's work has focused on turning the company into one that focuses on total quality in every aspect. This has included creating documents such as a safety program policy, performance review forms, meeting checklists, corrective action documents, and hundreds of other documents all designed to make the company the best in the industry.

Bryan also writes for Progarchy and the Dutch Progressive Rock Page. Both websites offer high-quality progressive rock music reviews and interviews. In addition to writing for Progarchy, Bryan is also a full editor. Writing for these outlets has given him valuable experience writing for public audiences with readers worldwide.


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Global power industry - Bryan wrote company policies and work procedures for ChemStaff, Inc., a chemical engineering firm, as a part of the development of their Total Quality Management System. Bryan took work processes he was completely unfamiliar with, taught himself the required material, and developed documents related to any number of the projects assigned to him. He wrote hundreds of documents while simultaneously working with high level consultants to develop the best written work to help the company create the highest quality products for their customers.

Bryan developed company policies, including an ethics policy, safety program, corrective action program, performance review forms, and many others. Additionally, he created workflows, procedures, manuals, checklists, and other related documents for ChemStaff's product lines. Writing many of these documents required Bryan to teach himself how to use unfamiliar software and conduct extensive research into work processes.

The documents Bryan developed have allowed ChemStaff's consultants to increase their efficiency, productivity, and quality of their products.


Bryan writes for and edits Progarchy, a progressive rock review website. His duties involve writing album and concert reviews, as well as conducting the occasional interview. As editor, he gathers progressive rock news for display on the site. Additionally, he is organizing and indexing every album review written for the website by its many writers since the site's inception in 2012.

Bryan also writes album reviews for the Dutch Progressive Rock Page. This website has been writing excellent reviews of progressive rock since 1995. Bryan has been writing for them since the summer of 2015.


Bryan's liberal arts background has enabled him to succeed at developing company policies and work process documents for small businesses. His writing style is clear and concise.

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Bryan's ability to apply research to the written word makes him particularly adept at developing product descriptions and documents related to product development. These documents could be internal or external to the company selling the product.

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