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Nilani has worked with an array of diverse clients and is the owner of Highlighted Lines Writing & Editing Services. She has experience with SEO and with blog articles of different kinds.


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Industry Projects

  • Health20+
  • Science8

Summary of Industry Experience


Nilani has a background in health and psychology and enjoys writing pieces that allow her to use this background. She has written multiple articles on various aspects of health, particularly psychological health, and she has satisfied her clients with her insight and attention to detail, among her many marketable skills.


Nilani has written a multitude of scientific articles for a diverse client pool. She has also edited numerous articles submitted to scientific journals by members of laboratories. Nilani has a background in both science and writing and is thus very well suited to a role where she is incorporating various aspects of her skill set.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


Nilani has written a wide variety of articles on many different topics. Many of these articles were designed for SEO purposes, though several of them were blog posts as well. These articles have been for a variety of different clients; her ability to write on so many different topics shows her versatility as a writer.

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