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Art attended Texas State University and graduated Suma Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.85. He was recommended for the MA program by a Professor and was a tutor in the Writing Center. Art also received the Liberal Arts Award for Academic Excellence in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and was inducted into the Alpha Chi Honor Society. He is a Published Poet with works featured in Persona Magazine and the Stars Among Us collection. Art runs a professional website dedicated to increasing public awareness for individuals with a Mental Illness and manages a Facebook Page with over 1000 members that include personal articles, blogs, and creative publications.


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Art is experienced in critical analysis of written material. He can review, proofread, edit and revise written material to improve mechanics, clarity, and purpose. Art has excellent knowledge of academic writing, (e.g., Research, Proposals, Journals, Abstracts, MLA, APA) and received top grades in each category.


Art is creative, quick-witted, and extremely "[F]Punny." He is the life of the party and is a fantastic joke and story teller. Art's ability to improv in novel situations is well developed, and he creates witty Epigrams. Art is known to create humor out of nonhumorous subjects.


Art has a skeptical view of the Universe and is always asking Transcendental questions. Art ponders "The Great Mover" and other forms of Theology and Theogony. Art believes in Science and the Walt Whitmanesque idea that every being is connected by the very Atoms of our body.

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Art owns a flowing and constantly evolving website designed for personal stories, self-help, personal stories, humor, and new ideas. The site also includes inspiration, articles, poetry, literature, and educational information. Furthermore, the content, reviews, and academic research, illuminate important information regarding the theme of the website.


Art has written copious amounts of articles that review, dissect, or argue a particular position on a topic. He can see opinions from different sides and write for a specific audience. He is both persuasive and informative in his writings on a broad range of subjects.

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