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With writing experience spanning six years and covering topics such as psychology, literature, religion, social issues, and health, Iris has a broad background from which to draw. Blog posts, literary analyses, academic papers, and engagement on social media platforms such as Twitter, facebook, and Tumblr have made up the bulk of her experience. With a broad range of interests, she considers herself a lifelong student, striving to adequately research and provide sources for subjects about which she writes.


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Iris has had more than five years of experience working in a professional kitchen. Her cullinary career began in her family's bakery where she did light prep and answered customer inquiries. Later, she moved on to the Business Enterprise Program where she studied food service management in preparation for receiving her own location. She also trained with Starbucks and worked as a barista within the program.

After a year and a half in the BEP, she decided to further her culinary career by pursuing freelance writing whilst attending the Escoffier Online culinary Academy.


Iris is a coloratura soprano who has studied with a student of the pedagogue Maestro David L. Jones. With a repertoire spanning German lieder, art songs, and Donizetti, she has performed in small concert halls and has had experience teaching voice.


Iris has spent six years studying psychology and sociology at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. During her time there, her coursework included cognitive psychology, social psychology, and the psychology of prejudice.

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Blog Post

Beginning her senior year in high school, Iris took an interest in blogging. She signed up with a free blogging platform and steadily contributed posts and gained a modest readership. Her blog posts ranged from the more personal and narrative to the factual and procedural. Currently, she maintains a blog where she hopes to discuss issues relevant to the disabled and blind communities.

Facebook Post

Iris has maintained a Facebook page since 2009. With over 100 friends, she seeks to post links which will both entertain and inform. Her goal is to engage in an open and civil dialogue regarding social issues which are relevant to today's millennials.

Twitter Post

Iris has maintained a Twitter account for over five years and has gained over 300 followers during that time. Seeking to engage in dialogue in social issues, she tweets links which are both informative as well as entertaining.

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