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Kevin started writing as a journalist while in college at the University of Delaware, writing for several Delaware area publications in the years that followed. He is the author of two novels, both works of young adult fiction, and he has published articles online. He is currently a middle school English teacher and is working on his next book.


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Kevin majored in Political Science at the University of Delaware. As a journalism student there and later as a reporter, he covered local news, including town meetings and appearances by politicians.


Kevin taught religion and theology for ten years at the middle and high school levels. Specific fields of study included morality, social justice, the Bible, and Sacraments of the Catholic Church.


Kevin has been an educator since 1998. He has taught middle school and high school social studies, morality, religion, and English, which is his specialty. He has also worked as a school administrator, serving as a vice principal and director of extended day and summer camps.

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Kevin worked as a journalist for several publications, writing articles for local newspapers and magazines. He wrote sports, city news, obituaries, feature stories, and many others. He covered everything from cat shows and town meetings to bank robberies and stabbings. He developed a reputation for working well under pressure and always covering events in a fair and accurate way.

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