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From an early age Kim participated in helping research and write papers. After honorary discharge from the U.S. Army, Kim served as a legal assistant. Here is where she learned a valuable lesson on the power of words... Kim worked for the Michigan State Police as a trooper and as a Project Manager for "Click it, or Risk It" (under the "Click-it, or Ticket-it" umbrella but focused on child safety). Working with Michigan State University, Kim was instrumental in getting many classes online for long distance learners and the transition from class room to any room digital aged knowledge sharing. In her spare time, Kim goes to varied writers clubs for tips ad hints.


Science, Nature, Law Enforcement


Running, gardening, talking, coffee with shared mental capacities, rain storms, neutrino maps of earth, Paired Particle Theory aka Entanglement aka Spooky Action at a Distance.


Michigan State University

Kim attended her studies in science while working part-time and raising a child on her own. Her average was a 3.31. Kim showed fortitude and passion by sticking with her degree. Her long term goal was to go to medical school and she started a masters degree in Anatomy. The Michigan State Police offered her a job in 09/11/2094 that she just could not refuse.


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This writer does not have any industry experience listed on their profile.

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