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Charles' passion lies in writing fiction, but he also has experience in writing in various other forms. He's written copy, SEO content, and list articles for a publishing company, a series of blog posts that he shared on Medium, and book reviews. He has a BA in English Writing and Classical Civilizations, as well as an MFA in Creative Writing. Charles has also worked in the food and beverage industry, customer service, and IT services.
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Charles is passionate about the arts, in particular literature and film, and many other aspects of modern culture. When he has time off from working on his novel, he loves keeping up with politics, cooking, exploring nature, and reading up on his interests in music, literature, technological trends, sports, comedy, food and drink, internet culture, and social causes. He has traveled through America, Europe, and Latin America, and hopes to see as much as the world as he can.


DePauw University

During Charles' undergraduate studies, he honed his writing abilities as an English Writing major and learned to adapt to a wide range of subject matter in his Classical Civilizations classes, such as history, art, archaeology, Latin and literature. Alongside his academic obligations, he volunteered for the university's literary journal, The Midwestern Review.

The New School

Charles concentrated on writing fiction during his undergraduate studies and is currently editing his first novel. Also, as part of a class titled Writing and Publishing Lab, he collaborated with his classmates to start a start a satirical news site,, for which he wrote under the pseudonym Frank Simmons, and on his own wrote a book review for Fjord's Review and a series of blog posts covering NBA players as human rather than celebrities.


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As an intern at a publishing company that focused on ebooks, Charles wrote cover copy, author bios, book cover design briefs, and SEO content. He also spent time reviewing manuscripts that were being considered for publishing, researching publishing trends, and tracking down copywriter holders for the materials published in the books.

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Charles wrote a series of blog posts that were meant to profile NBA athletes as humans, rather than the celebrity image we are given in the media. Some pieces were meant to show a sympathetic or admirable side to an athlete that's often glossed over, and others were meant to expose parts of the athlete's history that were unflattering, but deserves to be made known. This project required extensive research, and through using basic social media, his posts received hundreds of views.


0 Projects Completed

Charles' great passion is writing fiction, in which he has an advanced degree. He has written numerous short stories and has begun sending his best couple to journals in magazines recently. For the last year, he has focused on writing a novel, which he is currently editing and preparing to send to literary agencies.

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