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Johnathon attended the University of Kentucky and recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 2016. Throughout his college career, Johnathon took on three jobs in the food industry, filled leadership positions in Army ROTC for 1 year, managed a landscaping business, and assumed the role of Resident Advisor for 2 years at a new residence hall. Through these experiences, he learned how to effectively communicate with people and convey a message in a prompt, neat, and expeditious manner.

Steve Jobs said “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” When individuals convey a specific message to a population, a story is being told. When a message is delivered, it should be new, interesting, innovative, and exciting. In the midst of a competition influx, stories often become white noise. It is a writer’s hope to bring people into their story, thereby allowing them a part in it. People need to relate to your story in order for this to happen. A Psychology Degree at a client’s disposal leaves room for an understanding and insight of target populations. Even so, knowing where an individual is – knowing how an individual got there is not sufficient. The conundrum lies in telling him where he ought to be. Johnathon’s precise and targeted communication skills will usher in and motivate the uninspired so that you can reach your future objective today.

Johnathon is eager to confront new and challenging tasks every day. He is currently conducting research on PTSD and substance use as a Research Assistant at the University of Kentucky.
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