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Heather is a writer, actress and co-founder of an entertainment production company, created by Heather and her husband, Mike. She is the "talent" and is also responsible for the marketing and day-to-day operations of this venture. Previously, she was the Director of Operations for ProDox, LLC, the leading provider of legal document retrieval services in the Southwestern United States. She was responsible for the development of written processes and procedures for the training and management of more than 40 full time employees. One of the most challenging tasks and accomplishments for Heather in this position was developing and managing the re-design, testing and implementation of the companies website and online ordering system. Prior to joining ProDox, Heather had been an award-winning beat reporter for a daily newspaper in northern Arizona. In 2015, Heather penned and performed a one-woman solo-show that won awards at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. As a sales professional, Heather has more than 20 years of experience.


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Heather wrote and produced an award-winning solo show that premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2015. She has since been invited to bring the show to the United Solo Festival on 42nd Street in New York City - the largest solo festival in the world. Prior to writing her own show, Heather was an Arts & Entertainment reporter for a daily newspaper in Northern Arizona.


An avid fan of NFL Football, Heather created her own blog, "Pretty Pigskin", to write about the sport she has loved since she was 5 years old. The blog picked up some buzz and Heather was invited to write for the very popular website, HelloGiggles, started by comedienne Zooey Deschanel. HelloGiggles asked Heather to write about football and other sports headlines in a way that would connect to their 20-something female readership. Heather happily accepted the assignment and created "Honey's Huddle."

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As a graduate of Landmark Worldwide's Curriculum for Living, Heather has extensive training in personal discovery, training and development. She was also trained in Landmark's most intensive leadership offering, the Introduction Leaders Program (ILP), and she went on to coach many other participants in the 7-month long program. The ILP is the core program requirement for anyone who endeavors to lead programs for this international personal training and development enterprise. For the past 13 years, Heather has been engaged in the transformative work offered by Landmark and its various programs.

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When Heather worked as an Arts & Entertainment reporter for a daily newspaper she read countless Press Releases. The style is something she is very familiar with and this came in very handy when she had to write a release to promote her own show.

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