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Jennifer has experience in a variety of different fields. This experience includes writing blog posts and conducting product reviews for her blog "Modern Ginger Mom" along with putting together tutorials and pictorials in an online format. She has also written articles for Demand Studios and has worked in a marketing sales role for over 5 years. Jennifer's job consisted of working one-on-one with customers to help them with product selection. She maintained contact with them via email and a monthly newsletter as well.


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Jennifer enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and stays current with all the new trends in the health and fitness industry. She has covered mental health, diabetes, pregnancy, thyroid disease, weight loss and healthy living topics to name a few. She has also dealt first-hand with diabetes, pregnancy and thyroid disease.


Jennifer enjoys cooking and trying different food. She has written recipes and tutorials to help others learn how to cook. The tutorials often incorporate clear pictures to help the reader understand the recipe better. She enjoys sampling different foods from different cultures all around the world and enjoys testing the recipes on her family.

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Blog Post

Jennifer posts regularly on her blog, "Modern Ginger Mom". She shares her life experience along with tutorials, product reviews, recipes and content that help moms. She enjoys writing in a conversational tone but can also tailor the blog post to whatever crowd she's addressing. Blogging has been a way for her to learn many things and share her knowledge with the world.

Product Description

Jennifer has a background in sales and marketing and enjoys writing product descriptions, press releases and advertisements. She enjoys creating campaigns that are creative and showcase the features of a product. Jennifer understands the importance of pictures and descriptions in a marketing campaign and aims to spark the audience's interest by grabbing their attention.

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