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Ashley has over nine years' experience as a freelance writer for a several different companies, organizations and online media outlets. She has worked with many small businesses to generate content for their websites and edit existing content. She is an expert with Microsoft Office, the Wordpress.com blogging platform, Blogger.com blogging platform, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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Industry Projects

  • Food50+
  • Beauty20+
  • Green Living10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Ashley's father was a restaurateur, owning several restaurants in her youth, which combined with her passion for fresh, sustainable ingredients has spawned a lifelong love of cooking. Ashley lets her pallet take her back to her travels, enjoying cuisine at home from Asia, South America, the Caribbean and Europe.


Ashley is a licensed esthetician currently obsessed with beauty products from South Korea. She is an acne expert and obsessed with cosmetics products from all over the globe. She love trying new things and sharing her findings with others.

Green Living

A great passion of Ashley's is off grid and green living. This includes canning, alternative power/water sources, DIY projects with reclaimed materials, growing your own vegetables, etc. Ashley has many years experience with these issues growing up on a farm in West Virginia and enjoys sharing these tips with others.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page50+

Summary of Product Experience


The bulk of Ashley's online writing expertise, articles are informative yet accessible to the public. The tone and word choice are important, the audience is taken into consideration with each word. Ashley tends to write most articles on travel, beauty and green/off grid living.

Blog Post

Ashley likes blogging as it is informal, fun and connects with the reader more than any other type of writing. It is conversational, allowing for a bit freer form and descriptive language. She imagine herself like an older sister when writing blog posts, explaining the world to her readers.

Web Page

Ashley can help generate content for new websites from scratch, edit existing content or create complementary content for existing webpages. Her past customers include restaurants, small businesses, spas and product descriptions.

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