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Heather has worked as a freelance editor for the last year. In that time, she has edited two books, one of which has already been published, the other is due out soon. One of the books is a "how-to" book, the other is a children's book.

In both instances, she collaborated with the author to provide feedback on the story, helped develop the plot, and provided proofreading services as well.

As a result of these jobs, Heather has decided to enter the freelance writing market as well.
She worked briefly as a content writer for another website before coming to WriterAccess.

Though her professional experience is limited, she has written stories as a hobby for years. She has also written about a variety of topics throughout her college career.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


During Heather's time with a content creation website, she wrote several articles on different topics. However, she is most qualified to write about business related subjects. The sample below is representative of her writing, but comes from her final year of college classes. This paper dealt with the benefits of Customer Relationship Management, not only as a technological tool but as a company practice.

Product Projects

  • Article7

Summary of Product Experience


As a freelance writer for an article creating website, Heather wrote several articles on a variety of topics. These topics ranged from business to health-related issues. For example, one of the articles dealt with ways to get a better night's sleep. The sample below is from an article on the mental health benefits of yoga.

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