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Lorenzo S
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In Lorenzo's head, he's constantly playing with words, finding what fits together. Whether it's to add bite to the satirical pieces he wrote every week, to distinguish himself from strangers on Facebook who'd rather recycle a meme than think of their own joke, or to cheer up his friends when they need a pick-me-up after a day they wish they could press and hold until it rebooted. Lorenzo feels like writing something for someone trumps any gift you could buy them, because a piece of your mind goes into that text. When you give a "piece of your mind," you're being honest (albeit angry) with how you feel. You can customize writing so that it fits the outcome, or draws the response you want. There is power in the tongue, strength in syntax, and he's been doing reps in his mind and on paper for years, just waiting for the opportunity to share his strength.
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