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Graduate Mechanical Engineer & Professional Engineer in Texas (formerly in Iowa and Illinois),

Consulting work in Civil, Mechanical Engineering Windstorm engineering in Texas,
Active Member including Chairmanship and Board in MSS and ASME standard development,

Author of three technical books: ASME Boiler Code simplified, Piping and Pipeline calculations Manual, and Piping codes Simplified.

Also taught piping codes throughout the U.S. and internationally.


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Phil was acting as an agent of the State Windstorm Insurance and its engineering rules.

In certain counties that are prone to hurricanes there are rules and engineering requirements beyond normal construction engineering. That these requirements are met are often required by financial organizations for the construction. They are also required by many insurance policies to be purchased for the construction. As an appointed engineer Phil had to review the plans write any additional specifications for the contractor and then write a report to the state assuring that all they were met so the state could issue a certificate of completion.


Phil has written three technical books in the piping and pressure vessel industry. He has additionally been used ias an expert and written chapters in ASME publication.

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Phil has been writing for several years an article for a local paper. It started as an article about some aspect of local history and has grown to almost any subject.

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