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Somebody once said that "Anybody can write, but writers cannot do anything else." Whether or not that is true in a general sense is unclear, but it has certainly proven true for Heather. While she has worked in many different facets of the writing industry, she has found satisfaction as long as she has been able to work with the art of language.

Heather began her career as a writer when she was freshman at college, where she quickly became a Writing Consultant at the university's Writing Center. She joined the local newspaper staff that same year and before long, she had become the youngest newspaper editor on the staff. That summer, she continued her foray into journalism by working as a freelance news correspondent for her hometown's local newspaper.

Upon returning to school, now as a Creative Writing major, Heather focused on honing her skills as a creative individual. She joined the staff for the university literary journal and had two of her original fiction pieces published in nationally-acclaimed literary journals. Toward the end of this year, she began to discover her newest passion: freelance writing.

With more than 200 successfully completed assignments as a freelance writer, Heather has found a new outlet for her creativity and writing prowess. She has written academic articles, blog posts, SEO content and a host of other content during her time. Her creative background combined with her editorial experience has given Heather a keen eye for detail, which she tempers with her out-of-the-box style of thinking.
Green Living


Academic writing, blog writing, web content, SEO content.


Environmental issues, home and garden, LGBT issues, spirituality, beauty, psychology, sociology.


Heidelberg University

Heather attended Heidelberg University for her freshman year of college, where she got her first taste of professional writing in the university Writing Center and newspaper.

Bowling Green State University

Heather came to BGSU seeking a more competitive environment and was not disappointed. While she has found far more competition as a writer at this larger university, she has flourished and come into her own as a writer.


20 Projects Completed

While Heather has not always specialized in the area of business, she is certainly no stranger to business writing. After all, businesses are some of the largest employers of freelance writers, thus she could not have had all of her success without learning a good deal about writing for businesses. She has provided businesses with everything from mission statements, to operating guidelines to SEO content.

Green Living

10 Projects Completed

Heather has always had a passion for the well-being of the environment and this dedication has caused her to take on environmental projects whenever possible. It is far easier to write pieces that she believes in, after all. Through her research for these assignments, she has deepened her own understanding of environmental issues and how best to protect the planet.


10 Projects Completed

Heather has completed more than a few advertisements for various products. She has become familiar with the process of researching products and highlighting their features in a way that will appeal to potential customers and drive up sales.

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