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Kenneth is a self-employed freelance writer who earns a living by selling written content to book and magazine publishers, news organizations, advertising agencies, movie theaters, and television producers.

Kenneth will complete specific short-term or recurring assignments, such as writing newspaper columns, contributing to a series of articles in a magazine, or producing an organization newsletter.
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eBooks, SEO articles, Web content writer, Technical writer, Business writer, Newspaper or Periodical writer, and Instructional writer


Writing, reading, sports, and travel


University of Kentucly

As a student Kenneth worked closely with his advisor and teacher Dr. Ronald Delhay who did extensive research in social psychology while at The University of California. His research centered around the subconscious mind.


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Once you take certain steps and follow exact procedures, it is possible to become an expert in many subjects, which in turn increases your notoriety and presence over the entire globe. Up until 2006 Kenneth had zero presence on the Internet until he started the firm Gold e-Business Communications Inc. By following certain procedures and listening to his mastermind group, certain desired results moved into place automatically. This, in turn, led to unheard of worldwide exposure, nonstop traffic, supernatural income, and lighting fast accomplishments.

As a human being living in this particular time and space, you have the power and intelligence to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. The sad fact is that only a small portion of individuals reach their pentacle of success. The majority of the individuals who have dreams and aspirations desire to become successful along a variety of different avenues, but somehow just never seem to put everything together. First off in order to be successful, you need to know who you are and what attributes you have to achieve the goal that you are seeking.

A single person is composed of a physical body, a dual mind, and an eternal soul. The physical body is what every person who comes into contact with you sees. From infancy to old age the human body is what goes into it. I'm sure that you have heard the old saying that you are what you eat. If you make it a priority to make sure that your body receives the best and most nutritious foods, all things being equal, your body will be robust and healthy. On the other hand, if you abuse your body with foreign elements that handicap and stunt its growth, you reduce your life expectancy.

The mind is a unique element of any person. The mind consists of the conscious and the subconscious. Quite simply the conscious mind receives information and stimuli through the five senses. These senses are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The conscious mind is objective in operations. It filters and rationalizes all information, much like a computer would do. The subconscious mind is the real power source of all creativity. This division is subjective and brings to light all suggestions that are placed into it. The subconscious mind does not discriminate between good and bad. It goes into operation to bring about the goals of the conscious mind.

In other words, you can let negative information filter to your subconscious mind or you can let positive desirable information permeate this portion of your mind. The bottom line is whatever is sowed will be reaped. This portion of the mind is the key to your success and your "Rise From Mediocrity To Beyond Extreme Expectations". Whatever suggestions you place into your subconscious mind are destined to manifest themselves into reality. This does not happen all at once, but it usually takes about three to four weeks to become a habit of behavior.


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There is critical information that the average person needs to know, however, they are not receiving from traditional sources for various reasons. The life expectancy in most industrialized nations is 81.5 years. Now the controversy comes in because once the 81.5 years are over because a segment of your life is not over in a certain state of being. Please comprehend that I am explaining these delicate matters in this format so the average person will open their mind to investigate things and get to the point that they need to be before it is too late.

The above-mentioned beings and situations were commonplace before "The Great Flood". Now they have a strong foothold in today's society but exist in a different dimension. In the near future, they will be the norm of the land once again; Just as it was before The Great Flood. This existence came into being when around 200 fallen angels came to earth during the preflood time.

The problems started when these fallen angels mated with human women. Their offspring became hybrid beings called Nephilim. Their new existence was ground zero for the implementation of all the names that you see in the title of this communication.

They include Demons * Voodoo * Nephilim * Giants * Witchcraft * ESP * Dinosaurs * Vampires * Cannibalism * Aliens * Angels and Contaminated DNA.

You will find out things in this communication that will truly make you wonder.


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This book is dedicated to the millions of individuals who have had aspirations of generating a decent income by way of internet marketing. The reason for dedicating this book to this group of individuals is because they fall into the scope of the 98% failure rate of all who try to generate income from the internet. Kenneth Golden was once a part of this optimistic group and had high hopes of internet success himself, but in the aftermath, many find that they have put thousands of dollars in the pockets of the other 2 to 3% who play by a completely different set of rules.

98% of all work from home business opportunities are (Scheme Based) and most people never make one red cent but lose thousands of dollars during their interactions with internet marketing. Kenneth knows about internet marketing addicts first hand because he used to be one. He lost over eighty thousand dollars over a twelve year period so he is going to educate you as to the sinister and invisible pitfalls that are out there.

Have you ever come across statements from internet marketers that stipulate only 2 to 3 percent of all people on the internet make a profit? This 2 to 3 percent profit comes at the expense of all of the other 98% who fail. The 98% who fail truly have a desire to generate a decent income but for one reason or another they constantly come up short and lose thousands of dollars before they realize that their efforts and fruitless trials just won't work.

Now take the gambling industry for an example. For this industry to survive in places like Las Vegas and The New Jersey Strip, there has to be around an 85% failure rate for the casinos to make a decent profit. A similar model is in play on the internet and it has evolved into a 100 billion dollar industry where only about 2 to 3 percent reap the rewards.

Persuasion, psychology, and inexperience are the key elements that fuel the internet marketing industry. Multitudes of individuals have desires to quit their regular job and generate sustainable income from their efforts on the internet. If you are one of these people like many are; there is only one question for you. That question is are you actually making a profit from your internet efforts or are you caught up in a spiral and making nothing? Depending on the persuasion degree of the ads, videos, or opportunity conferences that you are exposed to, you will keep on forking over the money to the other 2 to 3% and digging a deeper and deeper financial quagmire for yourself.


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Time is becoming very critical and there is "A Strong Need For Individuals To Anticipate vs React". Many believe that they would be correct in assuming that anyone reading this communication has at least one of the following, Either a 401k, IRA, Savings Account, Checking Account, A Home, A Car, A Family, or A Livelihood.

Kenneth has designed this e-book to be the most informative one of its type on the market. He guarantees that you will not find another one out there that covers the in-depth highly sensitive subject matter as he has placed in this book. The reason that he has gone through such painstaking intricate detail is because no one else would do it.

He views what is about to come upon the people of the world as something like the Great Depression, Pearl Habor, and 911 all rolled into one. And from his perspective and the perspective of those who are sincerely aware of what is about to happen, including those in the know must speak up. It is almost like the Profit Ezekiel, who was the watchman on the wall. He felt compelled to spread the truth, otherwise, the impending doom would have been in his hands. To accentuate the written material in this e-book he has enhanced it with "50" pertinent videos, which will bring to life the words and meaning of this must read an informative e-book.

He says a must-read for several reasons; the major news media won't dare make this information public for fear of ridicule, a stock market panic, or national security implications. Even in all of the hypothetical situations just mentioned, the fact that the major networks won't cover them does not mean that the writing is not on the wall because it is, and the days of our economic irresponsibility as a nation are numbered, just like the situation facing Ancient Babalyon thousands of years ago, things are about to get radical.

Keep in mind that events happen fast, if you want proof just reflect on what recently happened when the United Kingdom separated from the European Union. It seems obvious that as time progresses there will be economic ramifications that will do one or both entities irreparable harm. Don't be one of the many individuals who will let this valuable information slip through their fingers, and quite possibly a year from now realize that the information was sent to them but they did not recognize and receive it.

Below are the names of the "50" videos that you will encounter throughout this e-book. They are personally selected educational media communications, which will enlighten and inform you about the quickly approaching events, in a manner that very few individuals have attempted to do so up until now. The titles of the videos that he utilized are listed below.

Financial "Martial Law" could seize up to 80% of your life savings, Overnight

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Kenneth is a freelance content writer who can help you communicate your thoughts. He provides professional quality work every time. More than likely you have noticed the Weather and Climate Anomalies that have been appearing and effecting the entire world within the last five years. It is almost as if the seasons have been turned upside down. We see raging Flash Floods, Icebergs Melting, Hellish Forest Fires, Freak Snow Storms, Rogue Tidal Waves, Gigantic Sink Holes, Super Natural Tornadoes, Super Destructive Mud Slides, Ultra Freezing Temperatures, and Life Threatening events. Kenneth is very active in this field.

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We have just entered into what is to be the future of producing State-of-The-Art marketing audio-videos. We offer a product that will take your operations to the next level of greatness. Our proprietary operations have just launched, and will emerge in 10 global regions. "Audio Video Spinner". It will revolutionize the field of video production, as we know it.

The Ten Global Regions Include: The United States - Canada - Central America - South America - Asia Pacific - Europe - Australia - New Zealand - South Africa - Africa

This Is For All Organizations and Occupations Including: Marketers - Teachers - Real estate agents - Cab drivers - Daycares - Hospitals - Government officials - Doctors - Lawyers - Cosmologist - Beauticians - Nurses - Car Dealerships - Restaurant owners - Bar owners - Carters - Car repair shops - Dry cleaners - Models & agencies plus the list goes on and on.

Audio Video Spinner will revolutionize your life and business, almost overnight. Once their product hits the market full time, it will be like when smartphones, computers, fax machines, camcorders, and watch phones made their first appearance. In order to give you some idea of what is coming, you can check out the site below. Watch the video presentation!

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