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Amanda has been writing her whole life but didn't get into freelance writing until recently. She went to Cornell University where she studied human health, including nutrition and psychology, and minored in creative writing, music, and human development. She is a very detail-oriented person and finds that she brings that into her writing.

Amanda always wanted to be a doctor while she was growing up so that she could "help people." It took her years to realize that there were so many ways to help people, and she had the right to explore all these other options. Though she always loved writing, she never considered it as a potential job, but more and more she sees how useful and helpful writing can be. Writing is communicating thoughts and ideas to others to give them knowledge and expand their minds. Writing and reading create better people, and she wants to contribute to a world in which so much wisdom and knowledge, as well as entertainment, is disseminated through written word.
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Writing on the arts and science writing


Music, theatre, travel, nature, health, psychology, nutrition, education, world events


Cornell University

Amanda went to Cornell with hopes of becoming a doctor but found that her skills could best be used elsewhere. Along with studying human health, she minored in creative writing, music, and human development. During her time at Cornell, she focused on bettering the human condition using her own unique skill set, which involved writing, helping others with their writing, singing, and using her knowledge of human development to understand and help the people around her.


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Amanda has written several blogs and informational articles on topics in the entertainment industry, including comics, science fiction, and television. She most recently wrote an article on "The 12 Faces of Doctor Who," in which she described each of the Doctors of the popular TV show and how they all brought different personalities to the role. She has also written several blog posts on action figures and the comic book industry.

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Amanda primarily writes blog posts for clients who are trying to market their products. She has written conversational blog posts on the topic of American college life and informational blog posts about the newest products on a client's website. SEO content is sometimes necessary for these pieces, but often she simply hypes up a few products and provides links to where consumers can find them on the client's site.

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Amanda has mostly written reviews comparing several different products, including reviews of electric shavers, pet odor eliminators, and rocking chairs. She has also written blog posts on the topic of certain products, like action figures or television merchandise, in an effort to sell the products on a client's site.

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