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Angela holds a Bachelors degree in English and a certificate for writing for children. She has taught formal and creative writing.


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Angela has spent the last 18 years as a SAHM to four children. She home schooled for several years. She has handled logistics for up to six people, including scheduling, finances, mediate disputes and facilitate solutions. She refined organizational skills and developed interpersonal skills while remaining flexible and persistent.


Angela has been a spiritually minded person her entire life. She understands Christianity in general very well and Mormonism in particular. She has taught various spiritual topics to both children and adults, in the home and in church. She has also written speeches on different religious subjects for general audiences.

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Angela has written speeches on different subjects including religious themes. These speeches have been delivered to congregations of one hundred fifty to two hundred and fifty people. Congregants have often complimented her and expressed their appreciation on the topic. Angela has also written speeches on historical and current events.

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