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Danyel has quite a journey through her writing experience. During her early time spent in college, she wrote for the university newspaper. Her main jobs in that field pertained to meeting a three article deadline per week, a word-count of 500 or more, taking over other writing positions when staff was low, and covering reviews of concerts, plays, technology, etc. This as well included interviewing others with in-depth questions that could provide in-depth answers. Danyel is also a recent and hardworking featured/contributor writer to a honors company that deals with scholarships, encouragement, and advice for upcoming college students or recent graduates.

Through her writing experience, Danyel has achieved many literary awards/opportunities. She currently finished intermediate French in the university, is striving for a bachelor's degree in English along with a creative writing certificate and minors in studio art. Danyel is comfortable doing extra research for blog writing if necessary.
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Danyel specializes in conversational, insight, life, and review blogging style along with article writing. She also specializes in creating topics that will grab a young adult audience.


Danyel loves using music and the experience of 'people-watching' to aid her with inspirational stories that she can, later on, write for the youth. To brain storm ideas, she usually plays the piano and/or paints in oil, watercolor, or Japanese ink.

She spends a lot of her time creating interesting and insightful articles for the youth that will help train and challenge their minds and everyday lifestyle.

When she's not spending her time writing, she uses the extra space to feed her book addiction. There is nowhere she goes that she doesn't have a book, whether that be physical or electronic. If she has somehow read through her bookshelf, she uses the time to practice yoga, meditation or kickboxing.


University of Missouri - St. Louis

Danyel strives to finish her bachelor's degree in the field of English, while currently finishing her Studio Art minor. With this time she is also achieving her Creative Writing Certificate. She will use all these experiences and more to further her writing skills needed to be succesful in the writing industry.


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Danyel provided multiple services per article ideas in this area. Most of these ideas pertained to gaming, opinions, and ratings. She provided researched insight along with her personal opinion to help persuade the reader over their choice. She also promoted games for an upcoming year and what to expect from gaming companies.

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4 Projects Completed

Danyel at the moment maintains three blogs. One helps book lovers find potential reading material along with advice, ideas, and opinions. Her second blog deals with the process of graphic and studio art. This blog explains functions of certain tools that can be found in photoshop, differences between photoshop programs, and the process of particular drawings. The third blog gives advice to important factors of life that the youth should know.


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Danyel is an experienced article writer with the intent of capturing powerful messages only after extensive research that shows material to be accurate. This includes technology, gaming, current events, fashion, art and reviews. She can create content that helps the reader understand what they are wanting to know and she can create content that persuades or sells a reader without coming off as too assertive.

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