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The last fourteen years of her professional career, Amanda has taught all aspects of writing and grammar to upper level secondary and college level students. This experience has transferred to a new career of writing full time.

Beginning in 2013, she started her writing career in a personal blog, which led to more writing opportunities. She became a contributing writer for Tabata Times in 2014.

Shortly after, Amanda became a freelance writer for Oklahoma Sports and Fitness Magazine, writing multiple articles, including two feature stories. She was also a member of the WODTalk magazine Media Team in 2015.

While Amanda is fairly new to the industry, she is well versed in the mechanics and development of writing. She would be a wonderful asset to anyone looking for a writer with the ability to reach, entertain, and engage readers.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Amanda has became a Level 1 Certified trainer for CrossFit in 2013. She has been an active member of the CrossFit community for five years. In 2013 she also became a blog writer, in which most of her articles centered around fitness, nutrition, and personal growth. She began writing for Tabata Times as a contributing writer, and was also a member of the 2015 WODTalk Magazine Media Team. Amanda also wrote articles for Oklahoma Sports and Fitness, including two feature articles. Each of these required interviewing and research.


Amanda has spent fourteen years as a public high school teacher and two years teaching at the college level. She is well versed in all matters of education, including the pedagogy, methodology, and trends. Amanda has a bachelors degree in Secondary Education and a Masters Degree in Library Science and Information Technology. She is a certified teacher, and is very capable of explaining, describing, and informing in all matters of education.


Amanda began a personal blog in 2014. As a mother of two boys, she has experienced motherhood from many angles and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with other parents. Amanda is not afraid to discuss many topics that face parents and children in today's changing world. She has also spent fourteen years teaching students of all ages, and has a good grasp on many family dynamics.

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Summary of Product Experience


Amanda has written several journalistic articles for magazines. Through these articles she has conducted research and interviews to create professional, informative articles. Amanda's voice is strong and knowledgeable and she is committed to providing detailed and accurate information. She also studied two years of journalism, and is qualified to create articles for any media outlet.

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Amanda became a personal blogger in 2013. Most of Amanda's topics centered around her fitness experience, but also spent time writing personal articles revolving around her family. She is able to use a friendly and conversational tone to engage readers and entertain her audience. Her laid back style helps to reach the audience, but her attention to detail shows her readers that she is an expert in the subject matter.

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