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Candice J
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Joined 6/23/2016
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Candice has freelanced in the following capacities: tutoring, editing letters, papers, and projects, and web page building and design. She has worked as a computer skills tutor with her county’s adult literacy program. She was an editor for a sixth through eighth grade cultural exchange program between students in North Carolina and Kuwait involving basic spelling and grammar. Candice has provided on-call services for local web page design by working with the client on the web site via telephone. Although done informally, she has assisted both friends and neighbors in completing their resumes.

Candice has writing experience in many areas, such as travel, entertainment articles, and web development. She has edited papers on topics such as car maintenance and safety, cooking, and short stories. In addition to writing, she has been a keyboarding and basic computer skills tutor which required simple knowledge about how computers work. She has assisted in web page building and design about music, fashion, and entertainment.

Candice has gained experience with working with people of all ages through being a substitute teacher with elementary school students, being a substitute media coordinator at a local high school, and working with the adult population in the adult literacy program.
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