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WRITING / Copywriting / News-copy / Commercial Ad Copy / Promotions & Contests Copy / News & Lifestyle
Storytelling / Fiction / Flash Fiction
Quality Assurance / Proofreading: Spelling, Grammar, Context, Composition, Plot, Reach

DVD / HD-DVD / Blu-ray Disc – Comprehensive Quality Assurance techniques for motion and static
interactive menu elements and enhanced content
STANDARD DEFINITION DVD – Audio / Video Compression Technician
POST PRODUCTION for FILM/TV – Online Edit Assist, Machine Operator
AUDIO PRODUCTION – Digital Multi-track audio mastering for TV/Radio
RADIO – Veteran Voice-Over talent & On-Air Personality, Newscaster


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Created for immediate broadcast, this is a written eulogy for a suddenly deceased comedian.

The irony is sublime.

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Summary of Industry Experience


Promotional copy for Radio highlighting various aspects of the station format; contests and giveaways; live commercial copy and EOS-tags; public service announcements.
This style employs one of two main delivery methods:
1/ multiple versions of the copy with repetitious intros and outros, then changing the 'informational body' of the copy with each version, accentuating or promoting a single station aspect or event.
2/ scripted explanatory with exposition crafted from standard music, effects, dialog and/or 'listener-supplied comments.'


Created for immediate broadcast, this is a written eulogy for a suddenly deceased comedian.

The irony is sublime.

Real Estate

Creator of Real Estate Writer's Daily Story-Blogs. The unique perspective forming the core of this daily story-driven blog content incorporates recurring characters in a dialog-based interplay of real-estate themed dramatizations that set up a conflict, and then provide a solution to common issues encountered routinely by both agents and clients.

In addition to a storytelling style, Marc also crafts standard real-estate-related articles and blog posts.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Standard Real Estate blog article that incorporates a 'Numbered Informational Improvement' style of narrative that lists various methods of changing or improving the
'conundrum du jour,' from '5 Ways To A Happy Mailbox' through 'A Dozen Things To Do With Old Dentures.'

Radio Spot

A standard radio informational designed to build brand awareness, the spot is backed with an easy, light Jazz music track and accentuating 'Construction Tools' SFX at key memory points. One of six variations utilizing 'foundation,' 'stability,' 'loyalty' and 'trust' as neural-recall anchors.


An excerpt from the first of a trilogy set of seed stories that provide the background/backstory origins for a set of Future Prescient Series novels.

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