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Nicole M. began her writing career in 2010 when she began writing for Demand Studios, and her work was published on eHow and a salon website for two years. She has also completed work via other freelance venues. Her freelance career has included blog posts and tutorials with a focus on technology and the Internet. More recently, she has worked directly with clients to create content about sexuality, including arousal, relationships, and sex advice.
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Nicole's writing focuses on computer, Internet and technology-related articles. Specific topics include HTML coding, computer memory, using various software, home networks, building websites, blogging, smartphones and Internet connections.


Nicole's interest in technology motivates her to write about it. She maintains personal and product review blogs in her free time, enjoys playing video games and loves her Android smartphone.


Wausau East High School

Nicole completed high school with high marks, taking several IB classes and participating in FFA and French club.


94 Projects Completed

In the past, Nicole has written articles about health that focus on human sexuality and the reproductive systems. For example, she has written about the purpose and health of the male reproductive organs and the menstrual cycle in human females. Although her experience in this field is limited, she would like to write more about it in the future.


29 Projects Completed

Nicole has experience writing about electronics, including writing information about computers, memory cards, network devices and the occasional video game console. She has also written about Android phones and tablets and iOS devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch. Her articles on discuss iPods and today's popular electronics accessories.


28 Projects Completed

She has written reviews and descriptions of apps, including software conversion apps and games.


24 Projects Completed

Many of the technology articles Nicole had written are about using software or software that is available to consumers. She has written articles about how to use email, Word processing, FTP, image editing, creating websites, altering HTML, CSS or PHP code and text editor software. Nicole has written articles about software features native to Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android devices.


23 Projects Completed

The owner of two cats, Nicole has reviewed products for the care and feeding of cats on her personal blog. She has also written articles about cat health, including those that focus specifically on kidney ailments and diseases. Her previous experience includes writing about the safety of anesthetic use in small animals


15 Projects Completed

Nicole has written for community-oriented sex and relationship blogs, providing personal perspective and soliciting advice to readers about their relationships. Her focus has been on communication in relationships, knowing oneself and become comfortable and knowledgeable about sexual aids.


10 Projects Completed

She has experience explaining the basics of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.


7 Projects Completed

Nicole has occasionally written about gardening through Demand Media Studios. Her articles include instructions for maintaining healthy and healthful herb gardens on kitchen windowsills. Nicole has also written tutorials about cultivating small, outdoor gardens and the plants that are ideal for urban areas urban limited gardening space.


5 Projects Completed

Nicole has worked with specific clients to write a handful of articles about specified songs, their backgrounds, meaning and lyrics. Her experience in this field has focused on blog posts with an emphasis on keyword usage and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


5 Projects Completed

Nicole has limited experience in writing about legal topics. In the past, she has researched and written about the requirements for a legal marriage in the state of Missouri, USA. She has also written and researched about the requirements of divorce and the legal divorce process in the United States.


3 Projects Completed

Nicole has written several articles regarding the use of hardware and tools. Her prior work about hardware includes tutorials about building and maintaining log cabins and creator gas power generators for home use. In addition to this, she has written tutorials about making basic art easels with common woodworking tools.


890 Projects Completed

Nicole M. has worked with physical and online retailers, through broker sites and directly, to provide unique and engaging product and category descriptions that use SEO best practices while providing value to consumers. She specializes in adult items and novelties, home goods, electronics, apparel, and computer hardware but it always willing to try something new.


700 Projects Completed

Nicole has written hundreds of articles that introduce topics to the reader, with a focus on technology. These articles discuss computers, electronics, smartphones, website maintenance, hardware and Internet topics. The articles are frequently found on eHow and under her own name; however, Nicole has sold full rights of some articles that may appear under other names.

Blog Post

648 Projects Completed

Nicole has written paid blogs posts for a variety of customers on Text Broker, Writer Access and her own personal websites. These posts vary from simple link insertion to promoting a company and its products and services or website. SEO and keyword targeting are frequently the focus of such posts.

Web Page

171 Projects Completed

Nicole has written Web pages for companies who wanted to introduce themselves to clients, explain services or products and provide helpful information to consumers.

Product Description

111 Projects Completed

Nicole has written product descriptions for a variety of products, including appliances, lingerie, adult novelties, DVDs (movies and TV shows) and other products.

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100 Projects Completed

As a blogger and former social media influencer, she has created hundreds of pieces of content, from reviews to giveaways to sponsored posts.

Facebook Post

53 Projects Completed

Nicole has written short Facebook updates for clients. In addition to this, she also runs her own Facebook page where she checks in with followers on a daily basis.

Press Release

18 Projects Completed

Nicole has written press releases about upcoming products and television shows.

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