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Shelby has completed one Young Adult Fantasy novel, with three more works in progress. She has also written several short stories and novellas.

In 2014, Shelby began ghost-writing for camping and hiking blogs. These paid projects built her portfolio and provided her with industry contacts. Shelby met every deadline, and never once produced a late project. Her ratings and feedback exceeded expectations without fail.

Shelby is a founder of a travel blog. Here she writes SEO driven content, and uses a conversational tone. She connects with her readers through the comment section, and posts a minimum of once a week.


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Shelby has worked on paid projects writing how-to guides for women campers. She also writes list-blogs focusing on meeting the needs of surviving and flourishing in the great outdoors.


In her personal blog, Shelby focuses on keeping a healthy marriage. These tips are based on mutual respect and creativity.

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Shelby ghost-writes for blogs, and runs her own personal travel blog. Here she uses skills in SEO, photography, and humor to keep the reader engaged.


Shelby has completed her Young Adult Fantasy novel. She is currently querying agents and publishing houses. This process provided her with much experience in revisions and re-writing based on outside feedback.

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