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Formerly a college English professor of literature, composition, and critical thinking, Jeanna also wrote for the Winter's Express, a weekly newspaper. Recently, she has written several blogs and other types of website content including product descriptions and website pages. She has also proofread and edited academic reports, emails, and presentation materials and is excellent at research. Finally, Jeanna writes a monthly newsletter for a trade company specializing in imports and exports between China and Australia. She is an American writer with some limited understanding of UK English.


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Jeanna has written several articles for Phocas Software specializing in big data and sales.

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Jeanna has written several articles for Phocas Software specializing in big data and sales.


Wrote several blogs about the benefits of hiring an insurance broker and the different types of insurance provided by insurance brokers,


Wrote and presented papers at several literature, writing, and teaching journals and conferences including the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), a nationally recognized industry conference. Wrote guide and presented material for Delta College Plagiarism Prevention Awareness Week. Fifteen years experience teaching College literature and composition in both face-to-face and online formats.

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Blog Post

Jeanna has written several blogs for various industries. When receiving an assignment for an industry she is unfamiliar with, she performs in-depth researches on both the company and their desired topic. She follows SEO practices by naturally incorporating keywords in the blog. Jeanna edits her blogs to suit the clients request and writing style.

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