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Julie W
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Julie has written for 2 Central New Jersey publications, Night & Day, an entertainment magazine, and The Monmouth Journal, a newspaper in Monmouth County, New Jersey. For 3 months she worked as a staff writer for thestarceleb.com where she wrote several articles per day covering the latest celebrity gossip in the news. Her husband is a writer as well, and she wrote the forward to his last book, titled "A Penny For My Thoughts, The First 1,000 columns." She offer a service out of her home office where she writes resumes and cover letters and assists students in writing term papers.


She specializes in the online casino industry, social media influencers and domestic travel topics as well.


She is the Director of Social Media for Fever Keeps It Real, a wrestling show that bridges the gap between wrestlers and their fans. She enjoy Dean Koontz novels and humorous books, as well as spending time with her husband and travelling.


Towson University

Julie received her Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. Though she originally wanted to be a TV broadcaster, She is now happily freelance writing for several different websites. In addition, she used to be a staff writer for thestarceleb.com,


116 Projects Completed

Julie was paid via ad revenue when she wrote daily articles for thestarceleb.com about particular celebrities in the news. She now writes for Movietvtechgeeks.com, where she does recaps of some of today's hottest prime time shows as well as a weekly celebrity gossip column.


73 Projects Completed

She and her husband travel a lot for an entertainment company that they run together. She has been to London, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Orlando, Philadelphia, and many other exciting destinations. As a result, she enjoys writing about these travel destinations because it makes her feel like she is reliving her time there.


44 Projects Completed

Julie writes many technical articles about cell phones, computers, software, etc. Growing up, her father was a computer technician for IBM and she picked up much of her knowledge of electronics from him. She is an avid electronics geek and yearn for each new piece of technology that hits the market.


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