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Micah D
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Micah is a freelance web content writer and occasional contributor for AllHipHop. After deciding not to pursue a career in web development, he decided to use his passion and (limited) knowledge of SEO to write for the web. From the first time he submitted a completed blog post, he knew he wanted to write.

Three years later, he still has that same passion for writing. He's written and edited thousands of blog posts, product descriptions, web pages, and social media posts. His sights are currently set on creating a small web content writing firm.
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Blog posts, web pages, product descriptions, category descriptions, meta data, video scripts, how-tos, listicles


Micah's favorite things to write about are sports, music, food, travel and tech. But he also loves to dive in and learn about things like cars and HVAC, so no topic is off limits!


216 Projects Completed

One of Micah's first clients as a freelance writer was a small auto service shop. For nearly two years, he wrote a few 300-word blog posts each month about various topics. These posts were meant to inform the client's audience, and topics included vehicle maintenance, seasonal vehicle preparation tips, explanations of parts, and troubleshooting tips.


16 Projects Completed

For as long as he can remember, sports have been one of Micah's passions. He's been an avid watcher of the NBA and NFL for 15 years, particularly the Northwest franchises such as the Trail Blazers and Seahawks. In recent years, he's begun branching out to the MLS, MLB, NHL and NCAA.

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308 Projects Completed

As a former web development enthusiast, Micah knows all about writing web pages. In fact, he might argue that web page content plays just as large a role in a page's appearance as the actual design of the web page itself. To him, nothing feels better than putting the finishing touches on a web page with carefully crafted content.

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138 Projects Completed

Blogs posts are Micah's favorite type of content to write. He's written blog posts for a handful of clients about a wide variety of topics including automotive tips, medical information, school program information, problem/solution product writing, and a host of financial and marketing-related topics.

Product Description

42 Projects Completed

One of Micah's favorite projects is writing for Spoonacular. In total, he's written over 40 product descriptions for various food-related gift ideas. These products are usually fun, themed kitchen items that require fun writing, so it's right up his alley!

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