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Heidi has enjoyed writing since she was young in her educational career. Over her time in elementary, Jr. High, and Sr. High school her love for writing grew. Once in college she double majored in Psychology and Bible, which involved intensive fifteen page research papers and many other written assignments. In her spare time, Heidi also does some writing by keeping up with a journal, bible studies for the youth she has mentored, and poetry.


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Heidi double majored with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Bible while in school at Columbia International University. Her area or expertise, in writing, is concentrated in Psychological and Biblical studies. Below is an excerpt from a psychological research study that Heidi constructed during her senior year of college.

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Heidi wrote detailed articles during her time at Columbia International University. Heidi's written works were broad with writings that covered everything from short, but intricate summaries and studies of the Biblical nature to long and descriptive comparisons of psychological disorders and potential causes or cures. Either way writing articles was soon a passion Heidi cultivated while studying Psychology and Bible while she was in University. This passion she has continued to strengthen post-university through creating Biblical studies and now with the opportunity to write for Writer Access.

The Asset Type sample provided is an excerpt from a research article Heidi wrote on PTSD.

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